Fans of Anastasia Makeeva concerned about her mental state

Поклонники Анастасии Макеевой обеспокоены ее психическим состоянием
The actress decided on a tattoo and changed my hair dramatically.

Anastasia Makeeva

Photo: Instagram

Recently Anastasia Makeeva was a shock to followers of his
microblog shocking news. “Friends,” wrote the actress. — I attained the level of incredible! I want to tattoo in the most unexpected
place! Where to do and who to contact? Advise”. Advisers, however, were few.

many fans immediately rushed to dissuade star from rash
act. Moreover, some seriously concerned about the mental state
celebrity. “We worry about you! Concerned about the mental state!”, “Support!”,
“Nastya, you are the most beautiful, do not!” — wrote concerned subscribers. Fans
the actress was so worried that she had decided to answer their questions and requests.

psychological condition is very fine, I just wanted new experiences. You
such strict, made me think,” the timid Anastasia.

However, on the same day the star of the musical “Chicago” started
his plan is to change its appearance. And start with the hair. Contacting
expensive salon, Makeev increase hair now curls Nasti down almost
not to waist.

“Yesterday was an amazing evening! Anastasia said with
subscribers the next day. A big thank you to the wonderful master for
my new way. Very talented and interesting person. And she gave me
the extraordinary beauty of roses. Here is our women’s support!”.

Was not slow to support Nastya and fans. “Nastya, you are the most
beautiful and awesome!”, “Support is needed your ex is it in flight!
And you need to enjoy life”.

It should be noted that such sudden decisions Makeyev began to take after
divorce with her husband Gleb Matveychuk.

We will remind, in April Anastasia announced that they
my husband decided on the divorce. “It was not
a spontaneous decision, — said Makeev — We long went to it. Friends parted without quarrels and mutual resentment”.

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