Anastasia Stotskaya in the jury of “Eurovision” will replace actor Stanislav Doinikov

Анастасию Стоцкую в жюри «Евровидения» заменит актер Станислав Дужников
Due to the release of videos of secret judicial voting singer was excluded from the jury.

Анастасию Стоцкую в жюри «Евровидения» заменит актер Станислав Дужников

Stanislav Doinikov

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Stotsky, who put in a social network the secret video recording of judicial
the vote was “asked” to leave their place in the Russian jury
“Eurovision 2016”: in addition, because of the violation of the voice of Anastasia were cancelled. Russian organisers had to find an urgent replacement singer — fortunately,
the matter was settled as quickly as possible. Anastasia Stotskaya will replace the star
the TV series “Voronin”, actor Stanislav Doinikov.

By the way,
the actor himself not a bad singer. In the film “People Cap” he brilliantly performed the single “Miliceiskii
rock-n-roll”, in the Comedy “”Неудачников.net” song “Shrimp” and “All is well”,
and in the film “October” — “the guitar”.

Анастасию Стоцкую в жюри «Евровидения» заменит актер Станислав Дужников

Anastasia Stotskaya

Photo: @100tskaya (Instagram Anastasia Stotskaya)

We will remind, scandal with participation of Anastasia Stotskaya was quite a loud event in the circles of showbiz. Star already ten times regretted his act. The most experienced,
because of her rash actions of the representative of Russia — Sergey
Lazarev — can disqualify . However, nothing happened. This fact
Stotsky shared in the same social network.

“Dear viewers! Anastasia wrote. — According to official figures
EBU is not recognized I conducted the broadcast a violation of the principle of secrecy
judicial voting. I don’t regret that I was expelled from the jury. This
the solution in this situation was the correct one. I wasn’t supposed to shoot at
video and upload to social network actions panel of judges. Sorry
me, please, for this rash act, but completely without malice
in relation to representatives of any country. Also my apologies
Armenia and the Netherlands. I was very worried that because of me Sergei
Lazarev can disqualify. Glad everything worked out. You unconditional
favorite! I wish you victory! And thank you Philip for your professionalism,
chic staging rooms”.

Sergey Lazarev

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofiev

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