Yevgeny Tsyganov intermarried with Alexander Baluev

Евгений Цыганов породнился с Александром Балуевым
In the new series the actors have become matchmakers.

Photo: Moschino

Yevgeny Tsyganov, who is currently shooting in
the role of Ivan III, in the TV series “Sofia the first” by request
TV channel “Russia” (VGTRK), thoroughly studied historical materials,
associated with the reign of his character, including the customs associated with
wedding ceremonies nobles of the time. Because the plot of his character
adult son marries the daughter of the Moldavian ruler Stephan III the Great,
played by Alexander Baluev. And the role of an enviable bride Elena Voloshanka
got the Vice-miss World 2012 Sofia nikitchuk. But she wants to capture
the throne, and her scheming at some point, the marriage of the hero Sophia Tsyganova c
Palaeologus (Maria Andreeva), through a personal story which shows the events in

“Casting the role of Helena was conducted in Volochanka
for six months — looking for a beautiful woman, like a Gypsy, told the producer of the film Maria Ushakova. And in the end we
approved Sofia nikitchuk, for which this work will be a debut in the movies.”

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