Fans discuss the new darling of Dmitry Tarasov

Поклонники обсуждают новую избранницу Дмитрия Тарасова The player closer to the charismatic brunette. A number of social network users sure that Dmitry Tarasov has converged with model Anastasia Kostenko, however, there is no evidence of their connection. Recently, the Network appeared the photo of the alleged sweetheart of the athlete.

      Поклонники обсуждают новую избранницу Дмитрия Тарасова

      At the end of last year, the footballer Dmitry Tarasov finally broke up with TV presenter Olga Buzova. In late January, the athlete and his alleged fiancee was spotted in one of capital restaurants. Tarasov had dinner with a charming girl, which casual witnesses of their meeting was found very effective. In photographs posted online, a friend of Dmitry were photographed from behind, so to establish her identity was not possible.

      Dmitriy Tarasov “caught” on a date with a brunette

      Recently in the Internet appeared new photo of the player and his friend. According to some reports, Dmitry Tarasov decided to go to a movie with dark-haired beauty. The, which caused heated discussion among social network users, allows you to see the face of brunettes, which helps well-known athlete to recover after a difficult period in his life. Apparently, this is the same girl that Tarasov had previously met in the restaurant.

      Поклонники обсуждают новую избранницу Дмитрия Тарасова

      However, a definite answer to the question about who the athlete is having an affair, can be given. The girl who formed the company Dmitry Tarasov, really good, but a portrait of her turned out blurry. Besides, the pair photographed from afar. The fans of football we can only guess whether he agreed with the model and the second Vice-miss Russia 2014 Anastasia Kostenko. The girl and her possible partner, do not comment on personal life. It is worth noting that Anastasia was to blame in that she allegedly broke up the marriage of Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova. Fans of the TV presenter arranged for the beauty of this persecution in social networks. In this regard, it decided to delete your official account in Instagram.

      According to others, the new fiancee of Dmitry Tarasova is the winner of the contest “Moscow beauty-2016” Anna Ushakova. She often posts Instagram photos of luxury bouquets of flowers, preferring to conceal the name of his chosen from the public. Some social media users claim that the alleged repeatedly seen Tarasova and Ushakov, but evidence that they really are not.

      Note that the head of the press service of “Locomotive” Andrey Bodrov announced that midfielder Dmitry Tarasov, most likely, will not take part in test matches in the second collection for health reasons. In September 2016, the player was diagnosed with a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament. After this serious injury Tarasov had surgery in Rome and was restored a few months.