Elena Letuchaya hinted at the addition to the family

Елена Летучая намекнула на пополнение в семье The presenter spoke about the children. Famous blonde admitted that plans to become a mother. According to Lena the Fly, her husband Yuri Anashenkov is the person from whom she wants to give birth.

      Presenter Helen Volatile, who played the wedding a few months ago, admitted that plans to give birth to two children. According to star project “Revizorro” met Yuri Anashenkov, she realized that this man ready to create family. Elena believes that her lover has all the qualities she wanted to see in his companion.

      “I never wanted to be a mother and give birth to a child without a family. I wanted to see the next man on whom I can rely and be confident in it, with whom I will be comfortable, relaxed, who will be authority for me. All these qualities I saw in Yura and just realized — this is it. That is why today he is my husband,” said Bat.

      In addition, the jury supports the woman in her endeavors. According to the presenter, he helped to open a shop called “flying.” Online boutique sold products with photos Lena: mugs, t-shirts and notebooks. Bat explained that the husband took care of all organizational matters, it was responsible only for the idea.

      As told to star channel “Friday!”, Yuri got on very well with her relatives, and she found a common language with the heirs of her husband from a previous marriage. The couple prefer to spend free time with family and friends.

      “I already have family of their dreams — I have a great relationship with the parents of the Jura, with his sister and children from a previous relationship. For the holidays we’re going with the whole family — come my mom and dad, native of Jura,” said Elena.

      TV presenter admitted that she plans to have a favorite as many children as he wants. According to Elena, she always dreamed of heirs, but did not want to raise them alone. “I hope we have a Jura is not one or even two babies. I like children very much and want our family even more,” – said in an interview Volatile Woman.ru.

      We will remind that Elena and Yuri secretly married in August last year. The couple has arranged a Grand ceremony on the Greek island of Santorini. Lovers are specially designed abroad to avoid the attention of the public. Presenter got married abroad