Alla Dovlatov told how the children perceived her fourth pregnancy

Алла Довлатова рассказала, как дети восприняли ее четвертую беременность The radio host admitted that the family is looking forward to a refill. According to Dovlatova, the eldest daughter Dasha was the most insistent that her mother gave birth to another baby. Alla believes that the heiress had a premonition a few months that she will have a little sister.

      Recently it became known that Alla Dovlatov is going to become a mother for the fourth time. 42-year-old star of “Russian radio” has admitted that it is not planning a fourth pregnancy, but fate decreed otherwise. Sadalsky ribbed age pregnant Dovlatova

      In early summer, leading give birth to a baby girl. According to Dovlatova, returning to your favorite radio station brought into her life real happiness. And after a few months of work she learned that is in an interesting position. The woman noted that more than the fourth child in the family insisted her eldest daughter Dasha.

      “Neither from that nor from this summer, suddenly said: “Mom, you love children so much, that it would be nice if you have someone is born. And we will all grow up soon, you go and you will be lonely without little. Who do you follow, care about anyone?” gave Dovlatov conversation with the heiress.

      Alla remembered that Dasha was very glad when in the fall she was told that soon there will be baby. According to radio presenter, youngest son and daughter were also happy about the upcoming replenishment in the family.

      “All the kids in unison admire and look forward to when it will be possible to communicate with the baby. Pasha, by the way, from the beginning wanted a baby sister. It would seem that anego already have two sisters, but no, it is not enough. “Pasha, – I say – maybe a brother?” – “What’s the point? – is responsible. – He will still be small, I’m not going to play”. And the appearance in the home of another sister will mean that the Pasha kept his own exclusiveness, was the only son in the family, a kind of star,” said Dovlatov.

      When Alla said heirs the sex of the baby, girls are more upset because Sasha and Dasha insisted on another brother. According to radio host, she’s completely okay that she is already 40 years old and she’s pregnant. The woman explained that there was no condemnation from the environment. Dovlatov said, “Telenedelya” that did not feel at that age, which is specified in the passport.

      “If a young man’s body and soul, which prevents him to have a baby?” – surprised radio host.