Fans demand to return a monument of Vladislav Galkin

Поклонники требуют вернуть памятник Владислава Галкина On the eve of the anniversary of the death of the artist fans tried to figure out where the missing monument. Vladislav Galkin died in the night from 25 to 26 February eight years ago. He was buried on 4 March 2010, at the troyekurovskoye cemetery, and two years later established a two-figure monument. But now the sculptures on the tomb, Yes.
Поклонники требуют вернуть памятник Владислава Галкина

Vladislav Galkin’s heart stopped in the night from 25 to 26 February 2010. Tragic passing of the talented actor came as a surprise to many. The last years of his life, Vlad was exhausting like a marathon: it’s an endless shooting, sometimes even dangerous. For five years he starred in 15 works full meter and television series, Pernes injury and several operations on my knee (which is why his character in his last work, “Kotovskiy” is lame), turmoil in family life. In 2009 his beloved wife Darya Mikhailova confirmed that he had filed for divorce and they do not live together anymore. Vlad is not made nervous tension and in the summer staged in a bar shooting from a traumatic gun. He was drunk and when she sobered up and realized, publicly, and sincerely repented. Galkin was given a year and 2 months probation, then a friends said that it seemed that he himself could not forgive. Closed, closed, stopped to chat with friends, and died alone in a rented apartment.

Поклонники требуют вернуть памятник Владислава Галкина

Vlad Galkin was buried 2 Mar 2010 at Troekurov cemetery. Vlad’s adoptive father, actor Boris Galkin, promised that he would put the son of the monument and announced the collection of money. Two years later he installed an unusual monument on his grave. Family wanted a monument was reminded of his first roles in the movie “the adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn,” and the sculptor Vladimir Usov convinced them that the monument should be dedicated to Vlad himself, but the request isn’t bypassed. In the end there was a two-figure monument – adult Vladislav Galkin in height, and sitting next to Huckleberry Finn. At its foot is always, in any season, are fresh flowers. Osobeno, many winters: on the day of birth of Vlad the 25th of December and in late February, when fans remember the day of his early death. This year, when I came to commemorate a favorite artist, the fans did not find the monument.

“Tell me, please, where is the tomb of Vladislav Galkin at the cemetery Troekurov? He was reburied or not? Was recently, no monument,” wrote one fan of the actor.

The monument is really dismantled. It happened last year after the death of his mother Elena Galkina. A woman has died after a long illness on may 23, 2017. She fought a long time in Oncology. The mother of the artist bequeathed to be buried next to her son. Ex-husband, the adoptive father of Vlad Boris Galkin has fulfilled the last request, Elena. But because of this I had to remove the monument. Fans of Vladislav Galkin’s hope that the monument will return on the anniversary of the death of his mother.