Son of Julia Tacchini: “the grandparents we care”

Сын Юлии Такшиной: «О бабушке с дедушкой мы заботимся» The heir to the actress told about their Hobbies and famous mother. As it turned out, 10-year-old Ivan loves to play chess with relatives. The boy also admitted to “StarHit” who helps him with his homework and what a cherished dream Julia Tacchini.
Сын Юлии Такшиной: «О бабушке с дедушкой мы заботимся»

This week on the channel “Home” series started “From hate to love,” in which Yulia Takshina has played a major role. On the eve of the premiere, we invited the actress to talk with her and her sons. “You want to interview the boys? she said. – How interesting! I will ask”. The meeting was scheduled on a weekend, as on weekdays, children are loaded with school concerns: a 10-year-old Ivan goes to fourth grade, and 8-year-old Fedor in the second.

On Saturday afternoon I was waiting for our heroine in the South-West of Moscow. Came early and at the appointed time managed to freeze. Chilled, get in the car. “Hello, let’s get acquainted! My name is Joe, the first thing I heard, not even slamming the door. – You must be very cold. Mammy, mood, please, air conditioning warm”. I must admit, your manners young man was pleasantly surprised. Interesting conversations about Hobbies, relationships with parents and many other road flew by.

Vanya, Fyodor refused to give an interview? Where was it lost?
Сын Юлии Такшиной: «О бабушке с дедушкой мы заботимся»Brother eager to take part in our conversation, but this morning he suddenly sore throat. Mom decided, it’s better to sit at home.
Сын Юлии Такшиной: «О бабушке с дедушкой мы заботимся»
You were born June 27, Fyodor – 3 July. Birthdays celebrate together?
Сын Юлии Такшиной: «О бабушке с дедушкой мы заботимся»My holiday early so in the evening all family sit at a big table at home or go to a restaurant. That’s when it’s Fedin, there is a more serious scale.Review mom: “kids’ birthday parties fall on a summer vacation. Which year at this time we’re going on vacation in Montenegro. We even had a tradition to sail on the ship on a desert island, where there is no soul. Learned about it from local residents. In children there is a complete carte Blanche! While the adults are grilling seafood on the grill, kids diving masks, making sand castles, catching fish.”—
How to congratulate each other?
Сын Юлии Такшиной: «О бабушке с дедушкой мы заботимся»Fyodor usually just compliments exchanged. Frankly, we like surprises mom. For example, to draw a beautiful card, to wait until she turns away, and quietly put somewhere. It is nice – just starting to smile and dobreet. —
What else she likes?
Сын Юлии Такшиной: «О бабушке с дедушкой мы заботимся»When we listen, do not indulge easily behave. And if not, gets upset because we have to scold. She often goes on tour, and then all sad. —
And who is looking out for you during her absences?
Сын Юлии Такшиной: «О бабушке с дедушкой мы заботимся»Grandma and grandpa. We love them and are trying to take care: can wash the dishes, to the store to escape and even soup to cook. —
Having remained with them some freedom?
Сын Юлии Такшиной: «О бабушке с дедушкой мы заботимся»If I say, mother will hear and be displeased. But since such an honest conversation… Sometimes go with friends then than allowed.
Сын Юлии Такшиной: «О бабушке с дедушкой мы заботимся»
Сын Юлии Такшиной: «О бабушке с дедушкой мы заботимся»We rarely do it. I generally behave. In school with pleasure go in the fourth grade. I love the lesson of literary reading, Russian language, drawing and music. Want to master the drums.Review mom: “I this moment retard, to be honest. But, once the child got the idea, let him try. The school have two sons a good relationship. Only the van in the morning gets up easily, immediately jumps out of bed, and to Wake Fedya, it is necessary to try”. —
Doing your homework yourself?
Сын Юлии Такшиной: «О бабушке с дедушкой мы заботимся»Grandma helps with math and Russian grandpa with reading. By the way, he taught us to play chess! —
Who often wins?
Сын Юлии Такшиной: «О бабушке с дедушкой мы заботимся»Different. If you sit in a party with Fyodor, the more likely to prevail I, and when connected dad – you know… Recently, we and mom have attached explained all the rules. Now you can join us.Review mom: “If you grandfather them sometimes be, the dad – ever. The game his better, more serious – not for 5-10 minutes and 15-20 or even for an hour. Good sign, means, reflects, deepens in the process.”—
In addition to intellectual amusements, the house is more fun?
Сын Юлии Такшиной: «О бабушке с дедушкой мы заботимся»Yes, we have the same dog! We begged her for a long time. Finally one day my mother called and said that he was going to fulfill our dream. Wanted to buy the boy and to call Kuzey. In the video chose the dog. He was still tiny, so were the hostess, to the completed vaccinations. After some time the mother reported that Kuzya, a girl. “Well, you want for us sister. Let’s start with the dogs. The name, mind you, chooses,” said Fedya. And now, a year and a half toy Terrier enticing amuses us with his presence.
Сын Юлии Такшиной: «О бабушке с дедушкой мы заботимся»Review mom: “One of the clients in the salon that I visit, enthusiastically talked about the advantages of this breed. Heart failed – went to the breeder. My dad is a canine, so always had dogs.”—
Teams Manu taught?
Naturally, knows “sit”, “fu”, “paw”, “paw”. Well, what to walk is not necessary. When mom met us from school and takes Manu from him. And we go home through the Park.