“Window”, “the House-2”, “Behind the glass”: the most controversial show of television

«Окна», «Дом-2», «За стеклом»: самые скандальные шоу российского телевидения “StarHit” recalls the legendary TV show with a controversial reputation. Many of these show managed to earn the love of millions of viewers, despite the fact that what is happening on the screen looked very strange at times.
«Окна», «Дом-2», «За стеклом»: самые скандальные шоу российского телевидения

Modern audiences are hard to impress television programs since the mid-90s and early 2000s, came out numerous shows, which later acquired a scandalous reputation. “StarHit” decided to recall the most well-known projects and to name some modern gear with contradictory glory. Sometimes such projects have crossed all boundaries, but the audience watched them with pleasure.


«Окна», «Дом-2», «За стеклом»: самые скандальные шоу российского телевидения

The project “Dom-2” will be released on may 11, 2004. The show is officially considered the longest in the history of Russian television. Initially participants were 16 young men and women who came to the casting in search of love. It was assumed that the strong couple will get a house in the suburbs. It was his stroitelstvom and studied children.

The ratings of “House-2” even after 13.5 years after the date of withdrawal remain very high. On the show every week there are new participants in search of love and fame. The only permanent host of the project remains Ksenia Borodina. Also in this act as Olga Buzova, Vlad Kadoni, Olga Orlova and Andrei Cherkasov.

The project became famous for many of its members. So, Olga Buzova is rightly considered one of the most famous women in Russia. Victoria Bonia was able to make a career as a model and presenter that is recognized abroad. Alena Vodonaeva is also an example for many to follow.

The project became famous due to numerous conflicts and fights. However, some participants still managed to find love. For example, Darya and Sergey Pynzar considered a model family for millions of fans. A couple many years married and raising two children.


«Окна», «Дом-2», «За стеклом»: самые скандальные шоу российского телевидения

The program “Windows” was aired on TNT from 2002 to 2005, and during this period managed to make a lot of noise. In the air was dealt with cases of alleged real-life heroes. Later it has been proven that the participation of professional actors. So, in one of the issues lit up, the future host of the project “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina.

Viewers the project was memorable due to the fact that during filming regularly were fights, fights, sounded not normative lexicon. The permanent host of the show was Dmitry Nagiyev. Later, the actor explained why he participated in the creation of the controversial transfer.

“There are various stages of popularity. The first is called “No matter what I do, it is important that I exist”. And when I was “Window”, I did exactly that — to prove that I have. Believe me, if I was at that time invited me to shoot James Cameron, I would have never went to the program “Windows”. But the movie had not been asked. And then I just did what I had to do. Although sometimes I caught myself thinking, “God, where am I?” But other exit at me was not,” said the showman.

Despite high ratings, the show was canceled in 2005. Later the administration of the channel TNT explained that the format of the program is outdated and does not fit into the new concept of broadcasting.


«Окна», «Дом-2», «За стеклом»: самые скандальные шоу российского телевидения

The first in Russian history, a reality show has caused an incredible stir. The debut of the program “Behind glass” was released on 27 October 2001, and then all seven participants instantly become stars.

The essence of the project was that the heroes lived as ordinary people but their everyday worries and intrigues were broadcast all over the country. In the end, a victory in persistent struggle was won by Jeanne Agisheva and Denis Fedyanin. Each of them received a prize of 15 thousand dollars.

Now the heroes of the controversial show trying not to think about his minute of fame. None of them could not find their place in show business.


«Окна», «Дом-2», «За стеклом»: самые скандальные шоу российского телевидения

Scandalous TV program first aired in 2005. Sexy girl with large Breasts told the whole country about what used to be silent. Anfisa Chekhov taught the audience how to behave in bed, tested a variety of intimate toys and invited to the Studio experts in erotic matters. Almost immediately, the TV presenter became the main sex symbol of the country.

Erotic show aired until 2012. Itself Anfisa Chekhov admitted that I never regretted participating in the project, because it was largely educational in nature and quickly made her famous.


«Окна», «Дом-2», «За стеклом»: самые скандальные шоу российского телевидения

In August 2005, the First channel there was a program “Let speak”. Over the 12 years of the project in the Studio, discussing hundreds of the most resonant themes from the scandal surrounding Lindsay Lohan to rape Diana Shurygina.

Until the summer of 2017, the permanent host of the program was Andrey Malakhov. His decision to leave the transfer was a shock for many fans. That is why the chief editor of the project “StarHit” wrote an open letter to Konstantin Ernst and all employees of the First channel, not only expressing gratitude to former colleagues, but also explaining the reasons behind his departure.

An open letter to Konstantin Ernst and all those with whom I am 25 years working on “the First channel”

“Well, in conclusion – about the main area “Ostankino”, the door is attached to the plate “10-01”. Dear Ernst! 45 years is an important milestone in the life of men, 25 of them I gave to you and “the First channel”. These years have become part of my DNA, and I remember every minute that you have devoted me. Thank you so much for everything you did for the experience that gave it to me for an amazing journey in the television way of life, which we passed together,” wrote Andrey Malakhov.

Now Malakhov works on the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Leading “Let them talk” from August 2017 was Dmitry Borisov. The show is considered one of the most popular on the First channel.


«Окна», «Дом-2», «За стеклом»: самые скандальные шоу российского телевидения

The project started out on MTV Russia in 1999. The main characters are mere spectators, who tried to objectively evaluate new music videos of famous singers. They also appeared guest stars, which included the protection of the colleagues to the scene. The angriest contestant could become the next hero release.

Often statements of “angry viewers” were too hard and even offensive. That is why the project has zavoeval notoriety. In 2002 it was closed, but in 2003 returned to the screens. Now the show is again aired, and the role of its leading advocates Yana Churikova.


«Окна», «Дом-2», «За стеклом»: самые скандальные шоу российского телевидения

The show was broadcast on the TV channel TV-6 from 1995 to 1998. The concept was simple: in the Studio came star, personal life and career achievements of which were actively discussed by young journalists.

The main task of the authors was to ask the artist of the most tricky questions and take him out of himself. The program often had rows, fights and the big fight.

Thanks to the project many famous journalists, including Otar Kushanashvili Sergei Sosedov. The second of them in the program “the Secret to a million” admitted that he always tried to Express an honest opinion under the controversial show.

“Yes, the stars we are often offended. Sometimes even requested that I was not invited to the shooting. But in my defense I want to say that I’ve never hit a lying, humiliated those people that did not take place in the profession”, – said the Neighbors.


«Окна», «Дом-2», «За стеклом»: самые скандальные шоу российского телевидения

The TV show appeared on screens from 14 February 2003 to 13 August 2004, and during that time managed to make a lot of noise. The essence of the program was to ensure that few participants completed a humiliating and life-threatening job, for which he received financial reward. The permanent presenter of the project was Roman Trachtenberg.

The show received a mixed assessment. Many called it revolutionary, but there were some viewers who felt that the project demeans the honor and dignity of the participants. Sam Trachtenberg negative perception of the program. He noted that he was unpleasant to work with Mercantile people ready for financial gain to disgrace themselves all over the country.


The program “really” started to broadcast 24 July 2017, and in just a few months of its existence has gained notoriety. The essence of the project lies in the fact that star heroes check on the lie detector to ascertain if they’re telling the truth on a particular issue.

“A lie can break a person’s life, destroy his career, his family, his future. For a long time I lie covered, I know how hard it is to live with it. In this program, I want to help other people to hear each other, discover the truth and find out what happens with them actually. I have always wanted to be a talk show on the First channel. Finally came the time to make this happen. I’m going back home,” said the man.

However, many guests of the show immediately began to complain about the quality of the footage. Nikita Dzhigurda, singer Aziza and Danko complained that the new program is staged. Besides, celebrities have often pointed out that the conditions put forward by them in the end and were not met.

So, the singer Danko said “StarHit” that he agreed to shooting only for the sake of obtaining material aid for his daughter Agatha. He appeared in the Studio with charges of infidelity to address the couple, demanding that it conduct a DNA test. The actor said that he promised to let the text with a card number and an appeal to help the heir of the artist.

Singer Danko caught Shepeleva in a cruel deception

“I didn’t want to raise the hype with cheating, I hate this situation. After the program I received a lot of negative comments in which I was accused that I was asked to make genetic examination. I in return promised to help, but for the sake of your own child will do anything, anything,” – said Danko.

Because of the constant conflicts on the set, the show gained notoriety. However, its permanent presenter Dmitry Shepelev I am sure that this project helps viewers to learn the truth about the most resonant and interesting questions.