Fans concerned about the state of Anna Sedokova

Поклонники обеспокоены состоянием Анны Седоковой Judging by the photos from the clinic, after birth, the artist does not feel well. Anna Sedokova published in Instagram some pictures where she’s laying on a medical couch on a drip. The fans are very worried for the health of your cat.

      The ninth of April it became known that the popular singer Anna Sedokova in the third time became a mother. The actress gave brother daughters Alina and Monica. However, the good news to followers woman shared immediately. Only after a couple of days after birth, the beauty posted a frame in the microblog. It Anna is a selfie, lying in a hospital bed surrounded by special medical devices.

      Admirers of the celebrity immediately sounded the alarm of the users of the social network was concerned, what is the need to put an IV idol. Anna was quick to reassure subscribers, saying that now the worst is behind and they, along with the newborn feel much better. But after a few days Sedokova again shared the photo taken in the clinic. Now fans worried about the state of the singer even more.

      In addition, the star is still on a drip is seen on the new picture in Instagram mothers of large families. Despite the obvious difficulties, the woman is smiling and holding a large bouquet of long red roses. Near the artist of the present family, including the eldest daughter Alina, and Monica younger. According to celebrity, their support and attention gives her the strength to recover.

      The followers have left hundreds of comments that wished good health to the baby and his mother, and also asked why the star is forced to stay so long in the medical center. Some users of the social network suggested that this need is typically associated with caesarean section, which often make during labor, even in foreign clinics. They stressed that want to know the name of the heir of Anna and to see his face.

      “Anna, how is your health? Why dropper? Take care of yourself and kids! Early discharge!”, “The health of mom and baby!”, “Anya, why a drip? Is something wrong?”, “How’s your baby?”, “After a caesarean, I also put a dropper”, “Judging by the photos, you have had a caesarean section (only guessing, I went through it, too, was all in the tubes Yes the droppers). Hold on! All will be well, the body will recover, we women are strong! Only the positive!” – wrote in Instagram supporters.