Vasily Stepanov called his fall from the window of “nonrandom”

Василий Степанов назвал свое падение из окна «неслучайным»

In the morning we talked about the fact that the star of the film “Inhabited island” Vasily Stepanov fell from the window of his apartment. 31-year-old actor suffered multiple fractures and was rushed by ambulance to one of the Moscow clinics. Revealed new details of the incident.

It turns out that the Basil drop was not random: “Yes, I fell, and it wasn’t an accident. And I’ve never been pushed… Now I am all right, she got a cast, went home. Just a pity that the people had failed to shoot, disrupted timing,” said Stepanov about what happened to him emergency.
Though Basil and says that he’s fine, in fact it is not so. The journalists managed to learn that the actor was diagnosed with schizophrenia, writes, “Moskovsky Komsomolets”. Whether this information is true, is not known. I hope that Stepanov is it all good, and a fall from the window was accidental.

By the way, in the decadent mood Stepanov and his colleague Natalia Zemtsova blame the Treaty: “to be Honest, I understand it. To hear the constant cracks at the auditions is very difficult, especially if you had such a good start. He surely prophesied a brilliant career, and there are two roles for nine years… Whether you’re a hundred times handsome and talented, acting is about luck, you just need to be in the right place at the right time (or a good marriage) If you’re totally unlucky, then there must be people who will support you in a difficult moment, apparently, he had no such…”.