Lenin and Bondarchuk will get from Stepanov psychiatric hospital

Ленина и Бондарчук будут вызволять Степанова из психиатрической клиники According to the businesswoman, actor forcefully taken to a medical facility. Friend Vasily Stepanov Lena Lenina volunteered to help the star of the film “Inhabited island”. According to the writer, man cannot be treated against his will.

      The well-known writer and owner of manicure studios Lena Lenina decided to save his friend, actor Vasily Stepanov. The star of the film “Inhabited island” fell from the window of his house. Businesswoman came to visit a friend, to convey products, and ask how he feels. However, personally, she was not able to see Basil. His brother Maxim said that after articles in the media about the psychological state of the actor, took him to the clinic.

      Native Vasily Stepanov told about his mental problems

      Lena Lenina told “StarHit” that considers the actions of health care workers illegal. The writer has decided to personally investigate the situation.

      “Tonight Vasily was taken to a mental institution and keep him there by force. The doctor has learned from the press that he and the actor allegedly tried to commit suicide, so called a psychiatric ambulance. Bob does not sign any permits for treatment, especially on experimental, which is so afraid of his family. His mother, father and brother strongly opposed to it kept in the clinic and want it back,” – said Lenin.

      “We are going there to demand that Stepanova returned home. Nobody has the right to hold him against his will and treated. Although the lawyers are divided. One says that it’s illegal, another says, if the person is dangerous to others or himself, it’s possible,” added Lena.

      Vasiliy Stepanov admitted to hospital after falling from the window

      Many publications have put forward different versions about what the injury was a movie star. First, the journalists wrote about the injuries of the pelvis and metatarsal bones Stepanova, and also claimed that he called his fall from the window is not accidental. The brother of a celebrity has denied these conversations.

      “Maxim says that it was just an accident. Basil is not out of the window of the fifth floor, and just fell off the stairwell from the third. He could not resist for a visor with your hands, so broke. His damage isn’t as significant as the media are writing. Broke an arm and a leg. We find out the situation,” said Lena Lenina.

      Since a few years ago, Stepanov’s being treated for manic depression, many have called yesterday’s incident a suicide attempt. Brother Stepanov says that it is not, because my brother had planned the shooting.

      “The family of Basil claims that he tried to commit suicide, it was an accident. We are trying to resolve the issue. To our clinic leaves Fedor Bondarchuk, who is concerned about the fate of washi. We asked the Director for help, also sent to the journalists with cameras,” – said the writer “StarHit”.