Поклонники обеспокоены здоровьем исхудавшего мужа Эвелины Бледанс The Director surprised fans appearance. Evelina Bledans has published in Instagram shot where her husband looks very skinny. Fans noted that worried for his condition.
Поклонники обеспокоены здоровьем исхудавшего мужа Эвелины Бледанс

Evelina Bledans regularly indulges fans own photos to microblogging. But pictures with her husband filmmaker Alexander Semin puts infrequently. Perhaps that is why subscribers teledive was surprised to see the changed shape of the head of the family on one of the last publications.

The star couple posed for the photographer on the step of the van. In the frame, in addition to the pair, there and their son Simon. However, this time the attention got not charming boy and his dad. Alexander, dressed in tight jeans and pullover in horizontal stripes, not a little frightened followers. They admitted that they did not expect to see him so thin.


Fans Bledans left in the comments to the post dozens of messages expressing their concerns. They said it was worried about the reason for sudden weight loss. They suggested that it could be health problems. Users of the social network also asked the actress to tell them how her husband managed to achieve such results if he did it on purpose.

“My wife does not know. Must hurt”, “my Friend is very skinny”, “Man as lost! Do not know. Life such a huge straight… Not sick?” “Daddy has a very drawn look. Feed father!”, “Too thin. Sasha is a very beautiful and handsome man. Excessive leanness is no color”, “I love Alexander! He’s the perfect man – both externally and internally, but such rapid weight loss suggests including bad thoughts. Just tell me he’s all right?” – worried fans.

Some members also suggested that this appearance Semin could be the result of long and hard work, grueling training and special diets. Perhaps Evelyn has helped to change the usual favorite meals on a more correct, and also come to a new way of life. The woman tries to regularly visit the gym, do stretching and also do special treatments keep the body in good shape. In addition, the tight schedule and employment Evelina in several projects do not allow it to lose.

It is worth noting that a few years ago Alexander was truly a big man. Perhaps that is why shikarna the form in which it is now, has caused concern among fans.