Саша Project серьезно пострадала в страшном ДТП Artist miraculously survived. Returning from one of his speeches, the singer has been in an accident. Sasha showed a video in which to consider the mangled car, which after a collision on the road with “Gazelle” on fire.
Саша Project серьезно пострадала в страшном ДТП

The Sasha Project has been in a serious accident. The actress was returning from one of his speeches, she sang in Gypsy wedding. On the way home in the car, which was a celebrity, crashed into a Gazelle. The vehicle was badly damaged. Sasha could not believe that he was alive. The woman left a note on the page in the social network, which told the details of the incident.

“Yesterday was my third “birthday!” I was born in a shirt! Thank God I’m alive. Arms, legs intact, the rest is healed! But the fear I experienced is probably going to haunt me for a long time I don’t know how all this happened, some seconds and I somehow bear arms, dizzy, voices, screams! When I came to myself and saw the car in which I was driving, I cried! Cried not from fear, he came then, crying, because I realized how lucky I am, lucky to be alive,” – shared his emotions Sasha.

Star pulled from burning car. As she sat in the back, the rescuers gently tried to evacuate artist, as that part of the car was crushed. The driver was hospitalized, is now in intensive care. The actress received multiple injuries, in particular injuries. Fans wish Sasha a speedy recovery.

“God, Sasha. Save and protect”, “I’m terrified! Here are just pleased us with good mood and “on” you. Thank God, whole and alive!” “Terrible. May God give you health! Get well,” wrote the fans of the actress.

“I haven’t got to my chores, before I get on that light,” said Sasha, thus explaining his luck.

We will remind, some time ago, the star underwent a plastic surgery. The artist reworked the chest. The surgeon changed implants that are defective installed a sachet a few years ago. “Four years of suffering and terrible chest pain, four years of fear for their lives. Finally it all behind, it was difficult for me to decide on it, but it was a necessity!”, – shared the singer in a social network.