СМИ сообщают о срочной госпитализации Владимира Этуша The actor is suspected fracture of the spine. 95-year-old Vladimir Etush was urgently taken to one of the capital’s hospitals. According to some reports, the famous actor tripped and fell in dentistry.
СМИ сообщают о срочной госпитализации Владимира Этуша

Today it became known that the famous actor Vladimir Etush was urgently hospitalized. The man suspected fracture of the cervical spine. According to some reports, 95-year-old actor stumbled and fell into one of the capital’s dental clinics. While status Etush is not reported.

The Director of the Vakhtangov theatre Kirill KROK told about the details of the incident.

“Etush at the entrance to the building, tripped and fell. The performance “benefit” with the participation of Vladimir Abramovich, who is to be held tomorrow, will be canceled,” — said CROC.

In early may, people’s artist and participant of the great Patriotic war celebrated the anniversary – the 95th anniversary. One of the gifts has become gentrified infield designers one of the TV show decided to arrange for the actor’s surprise. Wife of Vladimir Etush Elena noted that he likes to relax in the fresh air, so was pleasantly surprised that it was made by the specialists.

“Vladimir Abramovich spends a lot of time in the yard. He loves to walk, to sit down to rest, and now he can even lie on the sun lounger. So in this place it will be great! Thanks for the gift,” thanked Elena.

СМИ сообщают о срочной госпитализации Владимира Этуша

Vladimir Abramovich happy that next to him is his wife. Elena married a famous artist about 16 years ago. The man told me that his daughter was not happy that dad met another woman. Richter admitted that it even became the reason of cooling of relations between him and the heiress.

Despite his advanced age, Vladimir Etush continues to act in films. However, the audience he remembered in the image of the head … Saahova in the famous movie “the Caucasian prisoner” as well as the role of the dentist Anton Semyonovich Shpak in the film “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation”.

The actor thanked wife for what she supports him in everything. Elena is younger than Vladimir Abramovich in 43 years, but because he was glad that she cares about his health and well-being. According to the publication RIA Novosti, after the incident in the dental clinic Ambulance took Etush in the hospital.