Fans concerned about the health of Mary Kozhevnikova

Поклонники обеспокоены здоровьем Марии Кожевниковой Photo actress, which she shared in social networks, caused heated discussions among its fans. They began to wonder why the hand of the actress was covered with red spots. Most fans Kozhevnikova believe that it happened on the set of military drama directed by Andrey Malyukov.

      Recently, the actress Maria Kozhevnikova surprised fans image, which was captured her hand, covered in a rash. Subscribers artist began to discuss publishing it, wondering what happened to her. The woman chose to abstain from detailed comments on the incident.

      “Something like that… PS And it’s not makeup,” Kozhevnikova shared in his microblog.

      Commenting on the photo of Mary, her followers have put forward very different versions of why the woman’s arm was covered with red spots. “Like an Allergy, the hives”, “Let it heals faster”, “Probably cold”, “I Think it’s lupus”, “More reminiscent of the effect of treatment banks”, “it seems to Me that the rash appeared after the vacuum massage”, “it happens when a sharp shock,” “Horror, take care of yourself”, “When athletes wear tight clothes, they are such marks on the skin”, – expressed his opinion the followers of the actress. Not left behind, and familiar Kozhevnikova, the astrologer Vasilisa Volodina. “Guess that’s falling, as it is very slippery. Yesterday, my father broke his leg in two places, came out from work to lunch, came back home with a plaster”, – she wrote.

      Most of the subscribers Kozhevnikova agreed that she suffered an occupational injury. At the moment, the star starred in the film “the Legend of the escape,” directed by Andrey Malyukov, which also involves keira Knightley, Christopher Lambert, Felix Yankel and Mikhalina Olshansky. The work on this tape is now in full swing: a few days ago Maria posted a photo op with the star of “Highlander”. The woman admitted that not even he wanted to work with an American artist. “I remember I was five when I watched “Highlander”, then even the thought is not running …” – shared Kozhevnikova in one of his social networks.

      The film tells about the heroism of officer Alexey Pechersky, who organized an uprising of prisoners in a Nazi death camp. The tape is based on real events: in 1943, in Eastern Poland occurred the escape of prisoners of fascist Germany, the most massive in the history of the great Patriotic war. Shooting the historical drama launched in autumn this year in Lithuania, where he built scenery from drawings made by the archaeologists who participated in excavations in Sobibor. The creators of “the legend of escape” plan to release the picture in the spring of next year.