Husband Christina Aguilera saved passengers from rowdy

Муж Кристины Орбакайте спас авиапассажиров от дебошира Mikhail Zemtsov got into trouble when flying from Russia to France. On Board he was accosted by a drunk passenger in the vest. Together with another businessman petitioned brawling man. On arrival in Paris, it took the police.

      Recently the husband of Christina Aguilera acted like a true hero. The man was protecting flight attendants from a drunk passenger staged a brawl on a flight from Russia to France.

      “I was flying with my friend from Moscow to Paris. To us began to molest a drunken passenger in the vest. The flight attendants were afraid of the bully, and the pilots closed the cockpit. Together with a friend we tied up the bully Trouser belt and laid on the floor. On arrival in Paris we had to wait for the police half an hour. All this time we were on the plane”, — said Mikhail Zemtsov “StarHit”.

      As passed, the journalists, the companion of the bully tried to calm him, but her attempts were in vain. Media representatives also found out that the French capital was not the final destination in the journey of this couple. The rowdy and the woman who accompanied him, expecting a transfer to another flight. However, they missed the second flight due to law enforcement officers, to Board the plane.

      Christina Aguilera has shared the heroic action of his wife in Instagram. “My husband is protecting flight attendants, twisted troublemaker in the plane,” this post was made by the singer in the microblog. Fans of the celebrity praised the actions of Mikhail Zemtsov. “Good”, “Real man”, “everything must go”, “Handsome”, “it is Necessary severely to punish such people,” discussed the Aguilera followers.

      Recall that at the moment, Christina is on tour. The singer recently performed in Saratov and Penza, on the order of tol’yatti, Samara, Saint Petersburg and in Estonia. The feat beloved wife, Aguilera learned when I was in Penza, as evidenced by geotag in one of her recent posts.