Fans ambiguous reacted to the fullness of Ksenia Sobchak

Фанаты неоднозначно отреагировали на полноту Ксении Собчак

35-year-old presenter and editor of a glossy magazine Ksenia Sobchak gained a few extra pounds after the baby is born. She often shares her pictures on instagram, and this time the staff shared with the rest of the sea, where flaunts in a swimsuit and showing off my body. Fans gave mixed reviews.

Фанаты неоднозначно отреагировали на полноту Ксении Собчак

Pictures from vacation, the TV presenter put a lot. In them, she bathes and enjoys life. One of the “boomerangs” the girl dives into the crystal clear water from the boat. Fans first noticed the full forms of Sobchak, not a nice picture. Many vehemently touted Xenia to deal with them and return to the previous form. “I don’t understand why she’s so fat? Pregnant?”, “The body is far from perfect, but I used to be her equal, and had we a slight difference, and look 70 times better than she”, “Fatty”, “something swollen”, “it’s Time to lose weight” — shared his opinion of the fans Sobchak.

But there are a lot of fans who supported the star, saying that it is better not to spoil the stomach of the brutal diets and heavy going to the gym. Some have remarked that it took a little time after birth Sobchak, which she just did not have time to get in shape. “Less than a year, do it all quickly lost weight?” said one of the fans. The argument continues today, as fans were divided on two sides. Some support the girl, and the other beckoning her to most likely lose weight.

Фанаты неоднозначно отреагировали на полноту Ксении Собчак

Itself Sobchak with humor reacted to his weight and figure. “Life on the boat with the coach protects from the risk to gain three or four extra pounds to my additional excess,” wrote the girl.

Some shared assumptions that the couple Sobchak and Vitorgan just decided not to stop at one kid and is already looking forward to the next. But fans can only given to speculation, as the leading not responded to comments.

In 2016, Ksenia Sobchak gave birth for the first time. November 18, the pair of Ksenia and Maxim had a son, Platon. The boy already conquers water, swims, and performs acrobatic stunts under the supervision of Vitorgan, but he still was not realized! Recently, the proud Papa put the video in his Instagram, where his young son. which was seven months old, says the word “dad”. Celebrity couple trying for a moment not depart from his child and even often takes him along on trips. But if baby has to leave one’s watching him Lyudmila Narusova.