Ilana St. George is going through a difficult period in my life

Илана Юрьева переживает трудный период в жизни

Popular comedienne of the show “Ural dumplings” Ilana St. George told about his difficult period in life. Earlier, she disliked her body, and soon began to get better. this event forced her to change her Outlook on life. The girl greatly “swollen” because of the hormones.

Илана Юрьева переживает трудный период в жизни

29-year-old actress Yuriev always had gorgeous and skinny figure. In your profile in instagram the girl is not infrequently flaunt a bikini and tight clothing, that fans showered the review with compliments. But recently, it turned out that the girl was suffering from problems with excess weight. She recovered due to hormonal failure in the body. That period of her life, she recalls, not without difficulty.

“The body ceased to obey at all… I ate one low fat cottage cheese and drink 1% yogurt and get better, they swell up and become more and more. It’s a terrible feeling, really… When you don’t control your body when your face becomes more five times and facial features change, and you don’t eat burgers and drink Cola… And everything around you is saying: “Enough to eat”. I remember as a nightmare. Then hormones returned to normal, and the weight is normalized”, – said the actress about her difficult period.

Илана Юрьева переживает трудный период в жизни

During the rapid gaining weight, the girl supported her husband. “I always laugh that this is my husband’s love healed me… Because he loved me “doughnut”, when I myself hated… didn’t really understand how somebody can be like” said the girl.

Now, St. George eats only the right food, eating as he wants. So the girl regularly visits the gym and engaged in fitness to keep my figure in shape. She admits that those who communicate with it, often wonder “where does all my go.”

“My husband says I’m easier to kill than to feed,” jokes the girl.

The girl encourages your fans is easier to puffy stars. After the hormones a girl changed my view on many things. “Now among the well-known and popular people has become very fashionable to “open” his mouth is full of (fat) people, like “lose the bun and go to the gym”.

“Don’t judge anyone, ever… You don’t know what circumstances made the man look like… Personally, I now speak very carefully in the direction of “full” people… do Not judge, lest ye be judged, because you never know what will happen to you tomorrow,” urged his fans of St. George.