Максим Галкин и Юлия Меньшова станут ведущими «Сегодня вечером» Celebrities waiting for a new job. Yulia Menshova and Maxim Galkin will appear in the Saturday talk show. For a long time that project was curated by Andrey Malakhov. After switching to the channel “Russia-1” his place was taken by colleagues.
Максим Галкин и Юлия Меньшова станут ведущими «Сегодня вечером»

Some time ago on the First channel personnel changes. Yulia Menshova, who led the program “Alone with all”, said that the draft has outlived its usefulness. Fans worried for her future career. However, Julia found a new place.

As it became known from a source of the First channel, Menchov will lead the program “Tonight”. With her to Saturday’s show will appear Maxim Galkin. For many years this program was led by famous TV presenter and chief editor of the project “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov. However, after he moved to the channel “Russia-1”, fans wondered whether the producers to find a replacement for professionals. Yulia Menshova was one of the contestants – she told me that now is working on a program that you want to appear in the upcoming season.

“We have agreed on new projects that are currently under development. The professional version is not dissolved and running at full speed. And we hope to see you in the new season, with new forces and new ideas!” – said Julia.

Andrei Malakhov, who now works for the TV channel “Russia-1” appears in a daily talk show on weekdays and in Saturday’s show. The audience gladly followed the updated programs and believe that they are more interesting. First gear “Andrey Malakhov. Live” caused a real stir. There appeared Boris korchevnikov, who spoke about his career on television. The recording of the program attracted many celebrities to support Malakhov to a new job. A special guest was his wife Natalia shkuleva.

The first issue of “Live” with Malakhov became a subject №1 in the Network

“The strength of character of Boris is amazing. In the summer of 2015, he underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor and almost immediately came forward with words of support to those struggling with a terrible disease. In the story of the illness of Boris, my wife, who came to my first broadcast, I could not hold back tears,” – said TV presenter.