Family the star of “Ural dumplings” robbed!

Семью звезды «Уральских пельменей» обокрали!
The parents of actress Ilana St George stole the car.

Ilana St. George

Photo: Instagram

The star of the Comedy show “Ural dumplings” Ilan
St George today, alas, is no laughing matter. The actress said that in her family there was
a lot of trouble: the criminals stole a car parents Ilana. Just
a few days ago, St. George happy birthday mom, which, together with
it rests in Belek, Turkey, and today the artist has to find the words
comfort for dad. Ilana does not hide: she’s desperate.

“Last day of summer turned out to be very strange, —
she said. — My parents
stole the car. I’ve always mocked the way the dad gently refers to
my car over that 3 years, he goes to her, she looks
just exactly the same as that day when I left the dealership. Well, you
understand my dad’s condition now.

Who are you? People, but rather bad people who steal from pensioners, the elderly.
You are morally impotent, that is not
can find other way to earn a living. The car I do not mind. Sorry
my dad, who was very upset. Of course, I tried to explain to him that for something need it, it didn’t happen
just so it would be better for him, buy another. But somehow it is not
especially respond to my entreaties… So, ladies and gentlemen! The car we will buy another,
but you will remain inhumans, and at the lowest level of development! I
am sorry”.