Angelina Jolie will have a new operation

Анджелине Джоли предстоит новая операция
Fans of the actress are concerned about her health.

Angelina Jolie


Fans of Angelina Jolie upset
unpleasant news: the star will have an unpleasant medical procedure. The thing
that 42-year-old Jolie has escalated its longstanding disease — varicose veins. Moreover, it is already
reached the stage that, without surgical treatment angelina will hardly be able to do.

By the way, varicose veins is not a trifle, as some think.
Stagnation of blood in the veins, according to some experts, is often accompanied by clot formation,
that is, clots that poses a threat to life. As for Angelina,
her trouble on this part started some time ago. Even when she
preparing for the wedding with brad pitt, with whom she currently
divorced, Jolie said that thinking about surgery. But
then it is not solved — Angelina came to himself after the first
difficult surgery (double mastectomy), which she made to
to prevent the development of cancer. And then for the first
followed by the second — gynecology…

As previously reported, this year in Angelina
was already in serious trouble with his health. As she recently told
some time ago, the actress happened to the paralysis of half her face. Jolie was
terrified, as feared, suffered a minor heart attack. To
fortunately, it turned out that it was the so-called “bell’s palsy” —
neurological disease is not quite clear origin, which is not
life-threatening and, with proper treatment, goes unnoticed.