Valeria Lanskaya said personal holiday in the mountains

Валерия Ланская отметила личный праздник в горах
Actress husband and I started Dating exactly three years ago.

Photo: Instagram

Third anniversary since the beginning of their relationship Valeriya Lanskaya and her husband Director Stas Ivanov noted in Crete. In honor of this momentous occasion, the couple climbed into the mountains.

“The mountain is very serious!” says the actress, hinting that their relationship was very serious.

Valeria and Stas met on the set in Yaroslavl. However, the actress starred in one movie, a Director staged a different picture. But filmmakers still always “hang out” together, and in one of the August days they were introduced to each other. Young people began to socialise and dine together, and on 1 September I decided that should be together.

A proposal of marriage from a loved one Lanskaya received within three months after Dating. March 1, 2015 married love, and September 3, was born their son Artemy. Day after tomorrow the boy will be two years. This birthday party they will celebrate, and while in your personal holiday Valeriya and Stas enjoy each other’s company.

Fans of the actress immediately noticed that the happy family life often makes people similar to each other. Lera and Stas even photographed with the same facial expression.