Family of Vadim Kazachenko publicly denounced his ex-wife

Родные Вадима Казаченко публично осудили его экс-супругу The pop star continues to sort things out with Olga Martynova. Proceedings between Vadim Kazachenko and his ex-wife lasted about a year. Recently, the daughter of artist Marianne for the first time commented on the scandal.
Родные Вадима Казаченко публично осудили его экс-супругу

For the second day in a row in the air, “Let them talk” understand the conflict of Vadim Kazachenko and his ex-wife Olga Martynova. Woman unhappy that the artist delivers her to court. At the same time, the singer doubts the sincerity of the ex-lover and claims that she purposely ruins his life. In the Studio talk show star of the ‘ 90s appeared with his current wife and Director Irina Amanti.

Vadim Kazachenko became ill after bickering with a friend’s ex-wife

In the previous edition of the program Kozachenko became ill, and he needed the help of doctors. Therefore, most of the second broadcast, the artist was backstage, watching on the screen. The filming was dominated by the extremely intense atmosphere. Irina Amanti and Olga Martynova several times raised my voice, figuring out who is right. Presenter Dmitry Borisov had to stop them a hot debate. At some point he sat down on the sofa between the two women to calm down and stop attacking each other.

Родные Вадима Казаченко публично осудили его экс-супругу

However, Irina Amanti expressed readiness to sit down at the negotiating table with the opposite side. The wife of Vadim Kazachenko turned to his mother Olga Martynova, who came to support her daughter.

Vadim Kazachenko scandal after a sudden meeting with the former spouse

“I suggest the one who gave birth to her and ran all the programs for me to sit down at the negotiating table. We want to understand what they want, how much money they want I just got rid of them. That’s all she needs. This is not a circus. Find out how much she wants money for the life of Vadim Kazachenko”, – said Irina.
Родные Вадима Казаченко публично осудили его экс-супругу

However, the mother Martynova was in no hurry to respond to the proposal Amanti. Instead, she decided to talk to Kozachenko. “Dear Vadim. Answer me just one question. What you had in mind when he wrote in the lawsuit that my daughter went missing in April of 2015? I wish you, Irina happiness, be healthy and prosperous,” said the woman.

Behind the scenes of the program Irina Amanti continued to share their opinions. The woman said that she was tired from accusations of Olga Martynova. Irina and Vadim expressed his willingness to chat with the son of a young woman, if the relationship of the child with the artist will be proved.

In the final transmission in the Studio showed the treatment of the native daughters of the singer Marianne Kozachenko. Now a young woman in Israel. She condemned the behavior of Olga Martynova and expressed the hope that the scandal which erupted around the artist, will soon subside.

“Dear Papa and dear Ira, as well as the entire country, which it can see. I want to say that I can’t understand why this is happening to my dad. I’m very sorry for the woman, I don’t even want to call her name, behaves as it behaves. Dad, I beg you, stay, please. I’m sure all will return into place. We really miss you and hope that everything will calm down. I am very proud of you and your friends, this is Ira, I know my whole life,” shared Marianne.
Родные Вадима Казаченко публично осудили его экс-супругу