Rapper Purulent puzzled Vera Brezhnev strange behavior

Рэпер Гнойный озадачил Веру Брежневу странным поведением On the set of the show “Success” by unexpectedly supported the young artist who has chosen a very unusual song and accompanied himself on the harp. Presenter Vera Brezhnev was extremely surprised by the action Purulent.
Рэпер Гнойный озадачил Веру Брежневу странным поведением

Last weekend on channel STS the premiere of the new show “Success”, experts of which were Filipp Kirkorov, Nyusha and rapper Purulent. The intent of the project, consisting of eight releases, they selected promising artists who dream to become famous all over the country.

At the filming of the infamous rapper Purulent unexpectedly supported the party Olga Glazov, who played the harp and sang in elven language. The actor surprised the audience with their musical preferences.

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“The girl awesome – admitted Purulent. – Now in our culture lacks the so-called return to roots, to ensure that the people developed a native Russian theme. None of the product does not contain so much as contains a folk art. So I really liked the performance of the Oli, and the elven theme is even more captivating”.

About Olga knows that she is playing the harp since the age of six, and her musical instrument is the only one in the world, it was developed on an individual aspiring sketch performer. The city cooperates with well-known artists, writes music and poems in English, Russian and Elvish languages.

The number of contestants so interested Purulent that the leading show Vera Brezhneva could not hide his surprise.

“Olga, is Purulent – your mishandled Cossack? We’ve never seen him so asked the audience to support the party. I’m in shock!” – spoken by a celebrity.

In turn, Philip was introduced as possible to further diversify the performance of an unusual woman’s. “Olya in a swimsuit on the heels, with the harp, and next to men’s ballet revolves around her. Oh, I have a rich imagination…” said the king of the domestic pop scene.

We will remind that on Monday Purulent attacked before the concert in St. Petersburg. A group of attackers lay in wait for the rapper at the VIP entrance to the club, where was held his statement. As reported to journalists the Manager of the musician Andrei Zamay, Purulent beat with words that he will answer for his work. The result is Vyacheslav Malnov (the real name of the actor) has addressed in police, having estimated a damage in 65 thousand roubles. The hooligans hit the young man’s face and tore his coat. Law enforcement authorities refused to initiate a criminal case, qualifying the incident as an administrative offense.

The police are investigating the case of the brutal beating of a rapper Purulent in St. Petersburg

Despite the incident, Purulent still out on the club stage and performed a concert. By the way, on the same day in Moscow was held the presentation of the opponent Masnova in “Versus” Oxymoron. Miron Fyodorov for the first time brought the “Olympic”.