The star of the ‘ 80s Katya Semenova told the terrible diagnosis

Звезда 80-х Катя Семенова сообщила страшный диагноз The singer decided on a candid conversation with Leroy Kudryavtseva. In the broadcast of the new edition of “the Secret to a million” Katya Semenova spoke about the betrayals of loved ones, fighting disease, and life after retiring from the stage.
Звезда 80-х Катя Семенова сообщила страшный диагноз

The peak of popularity of pop singer Katya Semenova came in the 80-ies. Millions knew of the hits of the artist as a “Friend married for a long time”, “just a minute”, “Schoolgirl”, “Love is beautiful and sad”, and “Last tango”. Once the singer has given 70 concerts a month, appeared in films and toured extensively abroad. But at some point Semenova suddenly left the stage. Many were surprised by her decision.

In the program of NTV “the Secret to a million,” which will be released this Saturday, a woman openly talk about the disease with which she had to face. As it turned out, Semenov spent a year in a hospital bed.

“I had focal tuberculosis on both sides,” admitted Semenova Lera Kudryavtseva.
Звезда 80-х Катя Семенова сообщила страшный диагноз

My older sister Semenova was diagnosed with breast cancer. But this ordeal in the life of the artist is not over. “Over the years of our marriage my husband and I have been sick with bad diseases,” added the star of the ‘ 80s.

As the press-service channel, Katya Semenova also first tell you about the terrible diagnosis, which she had to leave the stage.

“Hands, legs shaking. Head. Everyone thought: “Drinks”, – said the woman.

Ceasing active work, Katya Semenova faced with financial difficulties. Now the artist lives in a Studio apartment, inherited from her parents, and goes to the metro.

Звезда 80-х Катя Семенова сообщила страшный диагноз“My pension is 6598 rubles. We have a chandelier in the room that my dad found in the garbage in the 51st year,” – said Semyonov.

In the program, the singer will tell about the complex relationship with her mother in law, and the conflict with the former spouse of Andrey Baturin and the reasons for the divorce. After Katya Semenova separated from her husband, she had to fight for his son Ivan. According to the artist, the child said that mother is a woman of easy virtue.

Recall that the singer, songwriter and actress Katya Semenova was born in January 1961. Parents of the future singer died very early. When Kate was six, his father passed away and five years later my mother died. In 1984, the actress married the musician of group “the Arsenal” Andrey Baturin. A year after the wedding the couple had a son Ivan. Now the singer is married to the comedian Michael, Tereshenko. Despite the high fees that Semenov got in the ‘ 80s, she acquired a two-bedroom apartment. However, the woman isn’t upset that she was forced to live in such conditions.