Family members of the Havre lead secret lives

Члены семьи Гавра ведут тайную жизнь Showman told about how spending time with his wife Irina and their charming children. In recognition of Gavriil Gordeev, he loves to relax with family and friends, when returning from work. Speaking of favorite things, Le Havre could not resist a joke.

34-year-old Gavriil Gordeev, better known as Le Havre, became popular after participating in the TV show Comedy Club. Many viewers remember his joint offer with Alexandra Revva and Oleg Vereshchagin. Now Gordeev is the Director of the TV channel ТНТ4. I must say that a former resident of the popular program has proved itself as a successful media Manager.

However, Gordeev does not forget about his beloved family. Showman happily married and has two adorable children – a son and a daughter. The man loves to spend time with them. Speaking about people, Gordeyev could not resist a joke. The TV star has spoken about the secrets kept by his relatives.

“Like all normal working men, I try at home to distract from all workflows. We go to the movies, theaters, walking in parks, travel together, of course, if it turns out. Son secret mom playing Minecraft with his daughter a secret from my son watching soap operas with his wife a secret from the children go to the movies. But together we do a lot of things good and kind! I try to be for children more by example rather than preachy, tedious reading notation Batey,” – said Gordeev.

The man believes that if you regularly read the heirs of the notation, nothing good will come of it. Therefore, Le Havre is trying to show the younger generation a worthy example to follow. “I don’t know, it turns out or not, but there all like,” – he added.

Recall that last year former resident of Comedy Club marked an important date with his wife Irina. On this occasion, Le Havre shared a touching article in which the wife admitted their feelings. “Sweetheart, I’m sorry to publish our secret photo, but look at those two on the left! They are very cool and serious people! Thanks to them, that they decided 13 years ago to this wonderful act, by which we’re happy forever! Love you! And this love is incomparable, it is unique and comprehensive, life moving, light giver! Congratulations to us,” – said Gordeev.

We also add that in a recent interview, the showman, openly told about the star disease. In recognition Gordeeva, one time he was really affected in this condition, but then learned to deal with its shortcomings. “It is always important to remain human – I guess it will tell you any known person” – quoted by Le Havre