Kirill Andreev complained about the impact of the financial crisis

Кирилл Андреев пожаловался на последствия финансового кризиса The artist told about the consequences of the deteriorating economic situation in the country. During the conversation with journalists Kirill Andreev gave a specific example of life. According to the artist, because of currency fluctuations the value of its real estate dropped significantly in price.

The soloist of group “Ivanushki International” Kirill Andreev recently gave an interview in which he told about his attitude to Finance. In recognition of the actor, he often uses banking services, primarily credit cards. Andreev prefers to keep money in major credit institutions with state participation. “I am sure that they are stable and work transparently. Reliability is very important for me,” shared the artist.

Reporters also asked the party’s top team about how he was affected by the financial crisis. Cyril did not hide that experienced the deterioration of the economic situation. Speaking of which, Andreev gave a specific example of life.

“Four years ago I changed the one-room apartment in Moscow, where she lived, my mother, who unfortunately is no longer on “treshku” in Turkey. The sea – a mile from home, the residential complex is just amazing… But I bought this apartment “at the old rate”, and now the property has dropped in price. Now it’s worth half the money that I paid. It’s a shame, of course,” said the singer.

In addition, Kirill Andreev told about the unpleasant situations in which he found himself, being a customer of the Bank. According to the artist, once he stole money from the card, but all was resolved safely. And scammers are trying to take over the assets of the singer, even has been found.

Other times, Andreev said in the VIP office of the credit institution that refuse to serve. “Your account must be at least 15 million rubles,” – said Kirill. At the same time before the Bank, it was enough that the man is a media person. In result Cyril decided to go to another branch.

Speaking with journalists, the performer also shared his creative plans, in addition to working in the group “Ivanushki International” and associated constant touring. Currently the artist is working on a solo album. Do not forget Andreev and about the tour, so the man hires musicians for the new program. In addition, the singer has been part of the hockey team “mosquito” reports

We will add that in 2014 popular band celebrated its anniversary – “Ivanushki International” celebrated its 20th anniversary. On this occasion, the team staged a large-scale gala concerts, which were attended by thousands of loyal fans of the team.