Glinnikov shared details of Nikulina

Глинников поделился подробностями совместной жизни с Никулиной The famous actor and his girlfriend Katya Nikulina gathered when the project is still not over. As recognized Glinnikov, he immediately sensed that the girl he is perfect. Now the star of TV series “Interns” every morning a Breakfast meal, kindly prepared by his wife.

After completion of the project “the Bachelor” Glinnikov Ilya and Ekaterina Nikulina was able to stop hiding the relationship. According to the rules of the reality show guys are not supposed to advertise the novel, yet the program was broadcast on television. As recognized by the lovers, it was hard for them because they already started to live together.

According to Elias, he immediately realized that he didn’t want a single day to part with the beloved. “I Packed it in a suitcase and told her mother that then it will throw, because the daughter you will not come! And so it happened,” said Glinnikov.

Catherine has admitted that he immediately saw the actor’s face of the future spouse. According to the girl, they same look on life, in particular, represent a future together. Nikulin believes that a woman should always be behind men, in all things to obey him. For the sake of the elect she even learned how to cook because she wanted to feed him.

“As for cohabitation, I did not expect that, so we suit each other in everyday life. We do everything together: watch movies, read books, talk for 10 hours or arguing, in which year he wrote the novel “one Hundred years of solitude”. Surprised that Kate took care of me when I was on crutches. She divinely cooks. In the morning I eat porridge is very good, and for dinner just restaurant food,” said the actor.

Family Glinnikov almost immediately accepted his choice. First, the Georgian grandmother wary about Catherine, however, after a few minutes of conversation any misunderstanding has been eliminated. Ilya plans to re-propose to Catherine, but also wants to get married with a girl on his home in Georgia.

“I’m going to listen to Ilya, he’s still my man. We recently spoke with him about what is important in life – love, family, children. It’s very interesting to invest in the newborn human all what you think is right. And observe how the small seed is growing. For women it is first important to place in this,” said Nikulina in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.