Family Houston requires prison nick Gordon

Семья Хьюстон требует тюремного заключения Ника Гордона

Relatives of the deceased, Bobbi Kristina brown, the only daughter of Whitney Houston, intend to seek prison for nick Gordon – her civil husband and the main suspect in her untimely death. Native Chrissie believes that the young man is a danger to society if not sent to prison, he kills someone else.

Last week nick was arrested because he beat his girlfriend with a fist just at the bar, then seated her in his car and drove away in an unknown direction. The reason for the aggression Gordon was jealousy – he thought Laura was Pouring (unfortunate name) was flirting with another man. Now nick is charged with domestic violence and kidnapping. He made bail 15.5 thousand dollars, but before the court to wear a GPS monitor. Of course, to get closer to Laura he is forbidden.
Later the girl admitted in an interview, her story would end as Christine. Nick turned out to be a home tyrant. As in the case with his common-law wife just a few months he subjugated the howl of the partner, forced her to stop communicating with relatives, and also fought several times a week.
“Recognition of Laura’s shocked the family of Christina. It’s like prolonged to disrupt the wound. They never felt that Nick paid enough for the death of Chrissy. She’s dead and her killer is still free..
Now the family of Whitney (Houston – Christina’s mom) and Chrissy worry that Nick will kill someone else. They demand that Gordon was thrown in jail before it’s too late. If this is not done, it will certainly happen. The similarity in regards to nick Christina and Laura is terrible. She’s been very, very lucky that she survived. Gordon is a real predator in human guise. He should be punished,” says an insider close to the family of Houston.
Nick needs to pay the family of Christine more than $ 30 million, but he – cha-cha. Gordon has no job, has no assets, and desire to pay with relatives Kristina also had not.