Azalea banks needs Bank 137 thousand dollars

Азалия Бэнкс должна банку 137 тысяч долларов

California Bank City National Bank appreciated the sense of humor of the singer Azalea banks and her new album, “Bankrupt with expensive taste” (“Broke with Expensive Taste”), but that hasn’t stopped the company’s employees from the lawsuit towards vociferous of the debtor.

According to the publication PagSix, the Bank demands to collect with Azaleas 137 thousand of debt. According to the data, for the first time Azalea has used her credit card Crystal Visa Infinite Credit Card in 2012. Until December of 2016 it is time to repay the debt, but then stopped, and now, almost six months does not pay, the remaining 79 owe the Bank thousands of dollars.

In may 2015, City National Bank issued another card Visa card Azaleas, a year later it ceased to pay debts, and remaining needs the establishment of 8 thousand dollars. In addition, according to documents provided in court, banks have about fifty thousand dollars, as indicated in its credit history.
Reporters contacted the singer, but she refused to give any comments on this topic.