Angelina Jolie scared the neighbors moving

Анджелина Джоли напугала соседей переездом

Popular American actress Angelina Jolie for the past week is moving into a new mansion in Laughlin Park in Los Angeles. But not everyone is excited about this new neighbor – locals complain of Jolie due to the fact that her truck with clothes and furniture blocked the whole neighborhood. And many are afraid that the children actress are disturbing, because they’re not very educated.

Angelina Jolie is carrying things into the new house that she bought near the luxury mansion of his former wife of brad pitt. But residents of the area against this neighborhood. The Hollywood actress has not yet settled in the area of Laughlin Park, and has found its most ardent opponents. Even her devoted fans were disappointed in Jolie.
The residents are very negative attitude to the star for the reason that she’s acting rude. Insiders said that the string of trucks with furniture and household utensils Angelina, blocked all the roads in the quarter and completely paralyzed the movement. Locals can’t leave the house for work, some have to get to the center on foot. Jolie also decided to redo the garden next to the mansion. Work on beautification of the green areas maintained around the clock. Constantly working saw and a lawn mower that creates an incredible noise in the quarter.
There is another problem that may face the residents of Laughlin Park, the uncontrollable children of the couple Jolie-pitt. It is no secret that the couple’s six children differ in temper and have gaps in education. Residents of the quarter noted that children will regularly disrupt the established way of life. They will run through the area at breakneck speed and a bad influence on local children. People say they understand star parents, because of filming and the tight schedule they had no time to raise children and instill good manners.
Recall, elite mansion in Laughlin Park, which was bought by Angelina Jolie, was previously owned by iconic American Director Cecil DeMille. The actress bought it for $ 25 million. House Jolie now is a 5-minute walk from the manor of brad pitt. Perhaps the former couple decided to reunite?