Eyes can’t believe it! Kim Cattrall has sharply grown old

Глазам не верится! Ким Кэттролл резко постарела

Fans do not know the star of “Sex and the city” without makeup and with glasses.

Any of us who watched at least one series about four friends in pursuit of happiness in Manhattan, remember Kim sexy beauty Samantha. A woman without complexes and any rules. Lover of stilettos and mini-skirts.

So the actress we used to see in life at various presentations and events. But what really fans of the star did not expect, so to see her without makeup, in glasses and fairly pass their position in terms of anti-aging.

Photo: still from the TV series “sex and the city,” @kimcattrall
Глазам не верится! Ким Кэттролл резко постарела
Глазам не верится! Ким Кэттролл резко постарела

The Cattrall is perhaps only one excuse. She travels around Australia and, it seems, for such things as cosmetics, time to spend not want to.

But fans have rebelled. Well, she certainly needs to keep the bar. Always and everywhere!

“Kim, you always put an example to all! And how to love yourself during the journey?”, “Rather, tidy yourself up and all Australians will be at your feet,” they wrote.

Photo: Getty images, @ithurman
Глазам не верится! Ким Кэттролл резко постарела

By the way, in the networks was criticized for her hairstyle and lack of makeup and Uma Thurman. In particular, subscribers did not recognize her without her beautiful Golden tresses. And those star had to get rid of for the new role. So the brunette actress will have to spend at least another couple of weeks.

How you consider, whether has the right the star look like she wants to?

  • No, of course! She is a Hollywood star, and it must be equal to
  • If she wanted to look like…
  • Any person has the right to look as he wishes
  • Everyone has bad pictures!