The girl teased Godzilla, and she became a model

Девушку дразнили Годзиллой, а она стала моделью

Despite bullying in childhood and complexes, 27-year-old Eli STOs proved that standards of beauty are not important!

Recent years, the trend 90-60-90 goes: on the catwalks appear to be a Busty model with a curvaceous figure and no complexes. Naturally, this trend helps hesitant girls to see in yourself the very zest.

Eli STS – 27-year-old American. Its highlight – the growth of 206 centimeters! At school over Ali’s otherwise abused and was given the nickname Godzilla.

But years later STOs were able to meet offenders: the girl was a model!

“In the past, the surrounding did everything that I developed an inferiority complex due to my tall height. I was hurt, but it helped me become a strong person. As a teenager I was known around town, I was a giant!” shares her emotions with the followers of Ali.

Now the girl is engaged in his career fetish model, and all free time to her boyfriend, which, though following her growth, but the systems for this reason has not.

Moreover, her boyfriend is a fitness trainer and with it Stop goes on the run and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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What were you teased as a child?

  • For the unusual name (name)
  • For the imperfect figure
  • For the shortcomings in appearance
  • For what wore a meal with him
  • Harmful for the mother
  • For tattling
  • For a good education
  • For non-standard growth
  • For the poverty