Экспертное мнение: можно ли ускорить рост волос

According to statistics, in a month hair grows on average only one-half inch. However, according to numerous articles, this process can be accelerated with the help of vitamins, diet, special shampoos, scalp massage and correct combs. We have collected the most popular tips on how to achieve the desired length in a matter of months and asked an expert stylist and trichologist to comment on each of them.

Proper diet — the key to a long and beautiful hair

Proper diet and vitamins play a key role in strengthening the hair, said Michelle Cleveland, a famous hairdresser and founder of Hair salon Addicts. In his opinion, the diet should consist of foods rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and antioxidants, which can reduce hair loss and increase their density. Vegetable protein (as found in beans), iron, Biotin and folic acid is also beneficial to the hair growth.

According to experts of centre of trichology Tatiana tsimbalenko, foods rich in omega-3, do improve the condition of hair and skin. In addition, experts advise not to forget about vitamin D. In our climate and with the limited number of Sunny days it should be taken in the fall and winter. The dose is selected individually, taking into account parameters of blood. On the condition of the hair is positively influenced by the consumption of red meat, because it contains heme iron. It is desirable that the food was full, without severe limitations and mono-diet. It should include: sea fish, liver, vegetable oils, cereals, fruits and vegetables.

Экспертное мнение: можно ли ускорить рост волос

The stylist of Londa Professional Olga Nikuļceva is also sure that the power is directly reflected on the skin and hair:That’s just the vitamins each their own, and this will only doctor. It is important to remember that food and vitamins can only help the bulb, which fit the blood vessels, and we can solve the problem of hair loss and stimulate hair growth. But what is on the outside, the hair, they better take care care products. And denser hair to can’t, there’s something that nature has given. But the styling will solve this problem easily.

To do the head massage

According to a recent study, daily massage of the scalp helps to increase hair thickness. Star Barber Justin Marjan offers to spend five minutes a day.

Hair thinning is connected with the influence on the hair follicle of dihydrotestosterone, which affects the reduction of volume of hair. The reasons are many. This can be, for example, due to changes in hormonal levels. Therefore, the massage of the scalp will not affect the thickness of hair,— I hasten to upset us experts.

The stylist also sure that the massage may not make your hair thicker. Massage, in its opinion, stimulates the flow of blood to the follicle and it can solve the problem of hair loss, strengthen the skin, to tightly retain the hair follicle inside, even slightly accelerate hair growth.

Экспертное мнение: можно ли ускорить рост волос

To follow the lunar cycles

Many believe that if you cut descending on the Earth satellite, the curls will grow negligibly slow. So go to the hairdresser should always when the moon is waxing (especially effective in the third and fourth days), which not only controls the tides of the oceans, but also our hair.

Экспертное мнение: можно ли ускорить рост волос

According to trichologists, scientific evidence for this theory is yet to be found, after all, hair itself grows in certain cycles, which include the active growth phase — anagen, as well as phase loss — telogen. Each person has these stages individually. So if you always adhere to the lunar calendar, you can continue to get a haircut on the growing moon.

From a professional point of view, there is no explanation, no logic and no link, but someone convinced that for him it works. Self-hypnosis works wonders

— sure, Olga Nikuļceva.

At bedtime

They say that even the material from which made your pillowcase, can affect the quality of the hair. So, sleep on a smooth surface (for example, on silk pillowcases) reduces friction of hair on the pillow, which means that they are less traumatized.

Sleep on a smooth surface (silk pillowcases) often causes the electrification of the hair. It is advisable to choose clothes from natural materials, because the head sweats at night. Modern materials have excellent processing and does not harm hair, say us experts from the center for trichology Tatiana tsimbalenko.

According to stylist, if your hair is severely damaged, then the friction of the any cushion, they can be hurt (when combing). Healthy tresses are not afraid of any pillow cases.

Экспертное мнение: можно ли ускорить рост волос

No hot stylers and Hairdryer

Never dry and do not lay the hot hair stylers in the same day

warns stylist Laura Polko that works with Chrissy Teigen, Shay Mitchell and Olivia Munn.

Experts confirm: do not overheat the hair shaft. If you frequently use a Curling or straightening irons, you may develop cosmetic alopecia. It is better to use a hair dryer with temperature control function of ionization, not to dry hair to finish. Devices for hot hair treatment (forceps, etc.) should also have a thermostat to be metal or steel, no Teflon coating.

Экспертное мнение: можно ли ускорить рост волос

Olga Nikuļceva sure that the use of body care products and styling with thermal protection to significantly reduce the risks to harm the hair. Stylist recalls that it is important to use hot tools: do not delay more than two seconds on the hair and not to exceed the recommended temperature.

Don’t do the high and tight tails

Putting her hair up in a bun or tight ponytail, you hurt them with elastic bands and Bobby pins.

And here is the verdict of experts are disappointing. Prolonged wearing of tight hairstyles can provoke the development of traction alopecia as a result of violation of microcirculation of the scalp due to constant tension. Best wear hair down or do a “relaxed” braids.

But the stylist of Londa Professional claims that hard tails can hurt, but only if the hair follicles are greatly weakened. More important is what you fix the tail. Silicone elastic bands fit perfectly, the rough and the metal clips do not want to use — they can injure the surface of the hair.

Экспертное мнение: можно ли ускорить рост волос

Rinse with cold water

Justin Marjan sure that if you rinse your head with cold water and Apple cider vinegar after each washing, the curls will be shiny.
Rinsing hair with diluted Apple cider vinegar after shampooing will restore the correct (acidic) pH at the surface of the hair, the result smooths the cuticle, providing Shine to your hair, experts explain.

Olga Nikuļceva advises to be careful with such folk recipes. In her opinion, such experiments can cause an allergic reaction:it is Not necessary to split hairs. Balms, conditioners invented long ago, they for a few seconds to decide this issue, and even smells good.

Allow hair to rest

Many believe that increasing cold way the most gentle, unlike the hot. Supposedly no harm to hair, the buildup is the chemical and mechanical action.

Экспертное мнение: можно ли ускорить рост волос

However, experts warn that hair extensions can cause damage to your own hair to increase hair loss and thinning (it may even be the so-called “traction alopecia”).

If the procedure is carried out efficiently, harm from it will not. But remember about correct hair care after extension. Think cold build is the best solution, and less risk if you suddenly find yourself not in the hands of a professional,

— says Olga Nikuļceva.

The right comb

If you massage the scalp for 30-60 seconds a day or more to comb, the hair growth will increase, say happy visitor of one women’s forum.

Экспертное мнение: можно ли ускорить рост волос

According to the team’s centre of trichology Tatiana tsimbalenko, combing is the untangling of the hair, and cleanse them from dust, micro-particles and uniform distribution of sebum from the surface of the head along the entire length. Brushing is a kind of massage that improves blood circulation in the scalp, and therefore helps to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, thereby expediting the growth of hair. Optimally, this is done twice a day, for about ten minutes.

The stylist confirms that brushing hair stimulates blood flow and strengthens the bulb. Expert advises to use high-quality brushes without chipping, cracking, or damage.

Peeling scalp
The peeling stimulates the blood flow to your head, and therefore, the nutrients faster penetrate the hair follicles and the hair becomes strong and healthy, says Adam Campbell, whose clients include Angelina Jolie and Ashley Greene.

Экспертное мнение: можно ли ускорить рост волос

According to experts, a deep cleansing of the scalp is an important step in hair care. Using specially designed masks-peels removes dead skin cells and accumulation of sebum, which provides anti-inflammatory effect, supports microflora balance of the skin of the scalp, prevents dandruff and maintain healthy hair growth.

Sometimes you need to do detox of the skin to prevent the clogging of hair follicles. It is important to remember that every time you shampooing you need to apply and lather the shampoo twice (while massaging the skin with fingertips). Then wash to be correct, and the hair will be ready for follow-up care. By the way, this simple recommendation will solve the problem of oily skin and dandruff

— says Olga Nikuļceva.