Детокс-маска с углем, аромат для младшей сестры и еще 7 бьюти-новинок недели

Tell about the most exciting beauty innovations that have emerged in recent times, is a mask with aloe Vera and coal, candy-marshmallow-caramel flavours for the sweet-toothed, body balm with a melting texture and more.

Gamma means for oily skin Vinopure, Caudalie (1 500 roubles for each tool)

About why pimples and blackheads appear not only in adolescents, you can talk for a long time (blame pollution, stress, hormonal disruptions and inappropriate makeup), but to want get rid of them as quickly as possible. Experts of the French brand Caudalie claim that this can be done thanks to a new three-stage system Vinopure. The first stage — purification. Tonic on the basis of grape water should be applied morning and evening on face, neck and decollete with cotton pad and do not rinse. The second stage is exfoliating and moisturizing. Serum with salicylic acid, rose water and hyaluronic acid regulates the secretion of sebum and nourishes the skin with moisture. The final step — the frosting. As part of the fluid, narrowing of pores, a powder of silicon dioxide, rose water and vitamin B3.

A limited edition of the fragrance La vie est belle, by Lancome (7 427 rubles)

Lancome is introducing a special edition of the fragrance La vie est belle, developed in collaboration with artist street art Lady Pink. Sandra Fabara (known under the name Pink Lady) decided to paint the gray days, and along with a bottle of the legendary fragrance.

We decided to go to the “corporate graffiti” is graffiti, which has its own style, but at the same time, it identified features of the brand… I imagine that the main customer of La vie est belle — young and sassy girl, says Sandra.

Детокс-маска с углем, аромат для младшей сестры и еще 7 бьюти-новинок недели
Sandra Fabara

The formula itself has remained the same: at first it’s black currant and sweet pear. All this is supported by Jasmine and orange blossoms. And only at the very end you can catch a vanilla and praline, though many compare the flavor with cotton candy.

Mascara Volume”. Exorbitant length” mark., Avon (319 rubles)

The novelty is good for several reasons. First, the lengthening brush, which separates even the fine lashes in the corners of the eyes. Unlike most of the extension brushes, version by mark. has special bristles conical in shape, which prevents the formation of lumps. Secondly, the formula with elastomers (special particles having elastomeric properties) allows you to literally pull the eyelashes up to the eyebrows. Mascara firmly withstand the working day, but easily washed off with mitsellyarnoi with the first approach.

Детокс-маска с углем, аромат для младшей сестры и еще 7 бьюти-новинок недели

A two-component complex for face Honey Milk “Deep cleansing and moisturizing” Double Dare (690 rubles)

Inspired by the legendary milk baths of Cleopatra, which she remained forever young and beautiful, the experts of the brand Double Dare introduced two new masks from the “Deep cleansing and hydration.” It is composed of two beloved Queen ingredient: honey that actively nourishes the skin, and milk, to be exact — lactic acid, which has exfoliating effect, which is especially important in autumn and winter. The first step: applying a bubble mask with black African soap, goat’s milk and honey (the latter two ingredients do not allow to overdry the skin during cleansing). The mask is so delicate that it can be safely used even after a sunburn. Second step: use a fabric mask with ceramides. This component helps to restore pH of skin after cleansing.

Детокс-маска с углем, аромат для младшей сестры и еще 7 бьюти-новинок недели

Lovely Me fragrance, Liu Jo (about 3 000)

Delicious fruit and marshmallow fragrance Lovely Me, Liu Jo, and I want to give to her younger sister! This is probably not the most obvious option for the autumn, but he sounds incredibly optimistic. The novelty reveals a sweet-fruity notes of Apple and raspberry with a touch of bergamot, orange flower, Jasmine and tuberose. In the loop — a combination of cedar and amber and unexpected notes of salted popcorn. This lightweight, non-binding arrangement on every day.

Детокс-маска с углем, аромат для младшей сестры и еще 7 бьюти-новинок недели

Restoring mask with aloe Vera and detox masks, Vichy (1 449 rubles)

If you feel tightness and soreness of the skin, experts suggest, the main focus of care is to do on the restoration of the hydrolipidic mantle. It is necessary to use special tools that combines moisturizing and soothing ingredients, for example, the new green mask from Vichy. Its composition is simple and clear: aloe Vera, licorice extract and mineralizing thermal water Vichy (where the same without it). To be Shrek will have just three to five minutes, then wash off the mask with water.

If your problem is clogged pores and skin, you will need the black mask. She promises to clean the skin from dust generated from burning gasoline of salts of heavy metals, paper dust, particles of nicotine (even if you yourself don’t smoke) and chlorine from tap water (all of these substances are known to each inhabitant of the metropolis). Mask — charcoal, white clay, and again brand mineralizing thermal water.

Melting moisturizing Body balm Baume Fondant Hydratant, Avene (about 1 000)

The experts did not disappoint — the texture of the novelty, and really did look like melted ice cream. Balm is recommended for dry and sensitive skin, and moisturizing functions, no doubt. A complex on the basis of three vegetable oils (Shea butter, camelina, and safflower), and thermal water Avene. The product does not leave a sticky greasy residue. Fragrance balm built in the tradition of perfume (notes of Jasmine, rose and bergamot): he is soft, will not compete with perfume, but stays on the skin for a long time.

Детокс-маска с углем, аромат для младшей сестры и еще 7 бьюти-новинок недели

Conditioner for voluminous styling Park Ave Blow Out Balm, R+Co (1 900 rubles)

Park Ave Blow Out Balm is designed for those who can’t leave home without the perfect styling. Universal balm protects the hair gives light hold and volume. The first thing you should pay attention and that can immediately scare, is perfume: bright composition with notes of Sicilian lemon, tangerine, eucalyptus, green tea and moss. If full-bodied flavor doesn’t scare you, then go to composition. He is rich: hydrolyzed soy protein and rice, and vitamin E, and provitamin B5, and thermal polymer (namely, this mystery ingredient provides protection from hair dryer and stylers). Apply the balm to wet hair, distribute evenly with a comb, then style it to your heart’s content.

Детокс-маска с углем, аромат для младшей сестры и еще 7 бьюти-новинок недели

Mask and deep hair conditioner from range Aura Botanica, Kerastase

In organic schemes, Aura Botanica replenishing mask Absolut and rich balm Baume Miracle. The first shows a dull, very dry or sensitive hair (Yes, there are). Its composition fully corresponds with the name of the entire gamut mask on 98 percent of ingredients of natural origin (more precisely, oil Brazil nut). The second product is interesting primarily for its unusual texture. Balm is something like a pomade for styling. However, his main mission is not to fix, and nourish the tresses. By the way, it can be used not only on hair but also on particularly dry areas of the body: knees, elbows and feet. The percentage of naturesgreatevents brought almost to the limit: the Brazil nut oil and Thai rice oil, and natural beeswax. However, no silicones and parabens, even no water.

Детокс-маска с углем, аромат для младшей сестры и еще 7 бьюти-новинок недели