Экс-супруге Никиты Ефремова приписали беременность The star of the new series “Particle universe” Jan Smooth is preparing to become a mother. The actress has not yet responded to information received wide publicity. The name of the elect, Ian prefers not to disclose.
Экс-супруге Никиты Ефремова приписали беременность

Monday on the First channel will premiere the series “Particle universe” with the participation of 27-year-old actress Yana Gladkikh, former wife of Nikita Efremov. How did you find the journalists, the artist has found new love after breaking up with the heir to a famous name.

Now John is not only happily married, but preparing for baby’s arrival. About it the correspondent told the elder sister of Michael Efremova Anastasia, well-known theatre critic. According to relatives of the stars of theatre and cinema Smooth also decided to get another degree. In the future she plans to introduce his film.

“The former Nikita Jan Smooth – beautiful, smart, great actress. But didn’t work for them. By the way, now she is again married. Don’t remember who, someone from the artistic community, quote, media Anastasia Ephraim. And to be honest, Yana is already expecting a child. We are all happy for her. She recently went on to study at Director. The course of Vladimir Khotinenko graduated and now takes picture.”
Экс-супруге Никиты Ефремова приписали беременность

One of the roles in the film Smooth will play the daughter of a theater critic Olga. According to Anastasia Ephraim, her heiress was friends with Jana. So the actress and invited her to his painting. Good news about the future of the child Olga learned one of the first.

During the conversation with journalists Anastasia Efremova also shared his views on the crisis in the family. According to women, no need to try to save the marriage, if it is bursting at the seams.

“Well, not quite – go further! A long life ahead, people damn lot of you on the way to meet, and sooner or later will find her soul mate. Yana found, Nikita continues to search,” said Anastasia.

Nikita recalls her aunt’s famous grandfather. In recognition of Anastasia, because of this, it can be difficult to ignore. The same opinion, according to Ephraim, is shared by the artistic Director of the theater “Contemporary” Galina Volchek. “It is impossible to rehearse!” – often repeats people’s artist of the USSR.

Nikita’s mother Asya Vorobyeva is not working. As told by Anastasia Yefremova, a woman caring for her mother, fighting the illness. About what disease faced Vorobyov, theatre critic chose not to specify. According to Anastasia, after her divorce from Anton Tabakov Asya never got married. At the time, Mikhail Efremov not made her an offer of marriage. “It is evident that their romance happened so quickly that he was not before”, – quotes Anastasia “Express newspaper”.