Ирина Цывина раскрыла сенсационные факты о покойном муже The actress said that Alexander Blagonravov, who passed away in February of last year, suffered from a severe illness. Because of the serious illness of the spouse of Irina Zybina has changed beyond recognition. According to the artist, the alleged mistress Blagonravova distorts reality.
Ирина Цывина раскрыла сенсационные факты о покойном муже

54-year-old honored artist of Russia Irina Zybina found happiness in his personal life after the death of the fourth wife of Alexander Blagonravova. The actress is Dating the peers Denis Serdyukov, who played in the movie “the Legend №17”. The Zybina says is serious, and is even planning to give him a baby. According to the woman, she dreams about twins. Recently Irina Konstantinovna became the heroine of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”, in which he shared his love story and new details of her trials with her son Alexander Blagonravova.

According to Zybina, she trusts Serdyukov. The pair met at the festival “Amur autumn”. “We met eyes, and we have chemistry,” recalls Denis. The actor helped Irina to get out of depression and begin a new stage in life. The couple already have an idea of how to nurse the baby.

“Yes, we are expecting a baby. I’m very happy,” shared the woman.
Ирина Цывина раскрыла сенсационные факты о покойном муже

Serdyukov likes to spoil her with attention and often buys her flowers. According to others, Irina seemed to glow from happiness. The eldest son Zybina reacted calmly to the intention of the mother to build a relationship with Denis. The actress so much trust to his chosen one that made him power of attorney for a period of three years.

“I see that Denis is a decent person. I was told that I was crazy… I draw on Denis power of attorney. Can he represent my interests in court and is entitled to all my possessions. I completely trust Denis, I see his actions and know he will not fail me. My property is three apartments in the center, one on the outskirts of the country house and the land plot”, – shared Zybina.
Ирина Цывина раскрыла сенсационные факты о покойном муже

According to Serdyukov, the actress has issued a document to represent its interests in court. “The fact that the attorney General, learned after the fact. As soon as the litigation will end, to stop all evil tongues, I will tear this paper in the Studio,” said the actor. To make the relationship a couple is in no hurry. The Zybina does not want to repeat the mistakes of the past. According to Irina Konstantinovna, she is a bitter experience.

Speaking of litigation with the relatives of the deceased husband Alexander Blagonravova, the actress said that he had offered his son to settle, but the deal fell through. Desperate to find common ground with opponents, Zybina decided to publish sensational facts about the deceased spouse. According to Irina Konstantinovna, Blagonravov was suffering from a severe illness.

The widow of Eugene Evstigneeva clashed with her husband’s mistress

“I probably would have never discovered this secret, had it not been for this woman who calls herself beloved. Irina Vedenkin, who was allegedly the love of his life, the late Alexander, my husband’s extreme… And not just announced the successor, his stepson Alexander, who is now suing us, – says the actress. – He hasn’t been with us for many years. And suddenly he showed up and began to communicate closely with his father. And declared this Vedenkina, which started to communicate closely with his classmate. They knew that Alexander was terminally ill. He had AIDS”.

As told Zybina, her late husband was forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages. “And these people being fed. To survive, he had to take certain drugs. They did so, they killed him. It is a terrible disease,” said Irina Konstantinovna. Presenter Andrey Malakhov has noticed that if a person put such a diagnosis, he is unlikely to have an affair on the side. “What is it mistress? She’s still alive. The man who has AIDS… You have no idea how he has changed. He sounds lost, turned into a dried-up creation”, – said the Zybina.