Младшая дочь Эммануила Виторгана довела Ангелину Вовк до слез The presenter congratulated the artist with a long-awaited addition to the family. In late February, Irina Mlodik gave her husband a charming heiress Ethel. An old friend of the pair angelina Vovk admitted that joyful news made her emotional.

This year Emmanuel Vitorgan again became a father. The artist and his wife Irina Mlodik had a charming daughter called Ethel. The baby was long-awaited child for a couple who long dreamed about common children. Relatives and friends Vitorgan and Melodic showered their congratulations on social networks.

Warm wishes to the couple joined TV presenter angelina Vovk. Star turned to Emanuel Gedeonovich the social and economic forum “Active longevity of Russia”. Vovk and Vitorgan became the hosts of the event.

“You know, I really love this wonderful couple – Irene and Emmanuel. Are people of incredible kindness and attention to people. They know you so warm that you feel like you’re the main man in their life. Recently they had a great event – my daughter was born. And of course I heartily congratulate Emmanuel and Ira on this wonderful event. I even shed a tear when I found out. May they be always happy, may their home be filled with children’s voices, joy, love and prosperity” – said angelina M..

Vitorgan thanked the presenter for the kind words. It is known that Emmanuel gedeonovich and his wife have long been friends with angelina Vovk. A TV star, a frequent visitor Vitorgan and Melodic. However, two years ago on the birthday of the famous artist, there was confusion. Angelina Mikhailovna had no place at the holiday table, so she was forced to leave the event. Learning about the incident, Irina Mlodik publicly apologized to the wolf. However, by the time angelina M. was already far from the place of celebration. “Very sorry,” upset Mladic.

That Emanuel Gedeonovich born another child, became known in early March. In an interview with “StarHit” Irina Mlodik confirmed that she and her husband celebrated the completion of the family. Later, the wife of the famous artist said that she gestated and gave birth to a daughter Ethel. According to Mladic, they decided not to hire the services of a surrogate mother, and did IVF.

Wife Vitorgan did not stay too long on maternity leave. With child care Irina Mlodik helps nanny. Therefore, spouses are not afraid to leave the daughter at home and go to work. So, at the end of March Emmanuel gedeonovich, along with the second half flew to Seoul. Vitorgan in the microblog appeared a photograph taken on the plane. “On the road again!” – wrote the actor, accompanied the post hashtags “photography” and “new project.”