Ex-wife Nikita Dzhigurda has supported the Marina Anisina

Бывшая жена Никиты Джигурды поддержала Марину Анисину Jan Pavelkovskaya met with the skater live. The woman who lived with a famous actor many years ago, confirmed that he was already acting weird enough. According to the ex-wife of actor, she does not hold grudges to the Marina for the fact that many years ago Nikita went to her.

      Бывшая жена Никиты Джигурды поддержала Марину Анисину
      Бывшая жена Никиты Джигурды поддержала Марину Анисину

      Olympic champion Marina Anisina flew to Russia to meet with her ex-husband Nikita Dzhigurda. Not so long ago the couple divorced, but the actor wants to bring the woman back. According to female athletes, she is afraid to meet with the ex-spouse. Marina and Nikita have not seen each other since July. As recognized figure skater, she comes into contact with him only for children.

      In the program “live” Anisina heard a video message Dzhigurda. “I love you and will love you forever. I am happy that you have not debunked our marriage,” said Dzhigurda.

      Бывшая жена Никиты Джигурды поддержала Марину Анисину

      According to a skater, she can’t believe her ex-husband, as she found it difficult to forgive a spouse situation. Marina explained that she was offended by the video, which was filmed by Nikita after the Banquet a few years ago. The actor posted a video in which a woman was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. According to the sportswoman, its touched by the fact that he was planning to use this account as incriminating evidence against her.

      Lawyer Sergei Zhorin: “Video Dzhigurda drunk Anisina – provocation!”

      Бывшая жена Никиты Джигурды поддержала Марину Анисину

      One of the guests of the broadcast was the former civil wife of actor Jan Pavelkovskaya. For the first time the woman decided to look into the eyes of Anisina those. “We live together, it is purely formal. We have an open relationship. This purely formal” – as explained Nikita Marina his relationship with ex-wife.

      At the beginning of the relationship sportswomen and artist Yana was pregnant. Pavelkovskaya appeared in the Studio “Live” and expressed its position.

      “Nikita is now distorting the facts, and then he told her the truth. About the fact that we don’t live together that it is not planning a second child,” explained the woman.
      Бывшая жена Никиты Джигурды поддержала Марину Анисину

      According to Jana, the house was created about the same problem faced subsequently and Marina. According to the ex-wife, Nikita watched and filmed an obscene video with women. Pavelkovskaya confirmed that Nikita didn’t steal him from her.

      “Nikita came in the evening and began to tell me that he and Marina expect two children. I told him: “honey, you do not mistake?” A very similar story. The year before the breakup, I managed to get Antonina (Approx. edited by ex-Director Nikita Dzhigurda) to remove Nikita’s apartment and to live separately,” admitted Ian.

      During the broadcast women Dzhigurda entered into a dialogue and were sympathetic to each other. Pavelkovskaya said that Anisina “spoiled” her husband, as was sometimes given him money for child support.

      “He played on the guilt,” said Ian.

      As noted guests of the Studio, Anisina and Pavelkovskaya not have to arrange fights and behaved very decently. According to many, the Army had much luck with women. “Yes, we of the goddess” – in one voice said, Yana and Marina.

      Pavelkovskaya recalls how there was her breakup with actor. According to her, by the time she was tired of fighting and trying to fix something in their lives.

      “I then gave up, as Marina. She tried, tried, but now is not eager to return it. She already lived that phase of the fight,” said the former wife of Nikita.

      According to Pavelkovskaya Dzhigurda became very strange when starved for 30-40 days. The woman admits that she had then become for him the real enemy. Anisina upheld the ex-wife of the actor, saying that probably Nikita needs a new Muse.

      “He has beautiful children. We are both grateful that this all happened,” explained women’s Nikita.