Relatives and friends of Vyacheslav Shalevich honored his memory

Родные и близкие Вячеслава Шалевича почтили его память Environment famous actor gathered in the Studio program “Let them talk”. Colleagues and family V. A. shared their memories about the artist. In their opinion, the atmosphere at was a wonderful person, a great friend and a terrific teacher.

      Родные и близкие Вячеслава Шалевича почтили его память

      At the end of December last year has died the national artist of Russia Vyacheslav Shalevich. The actor, has long suffered from illness, he died at the age of 82 years in hospital of Botkin. About the demise of V. A. reported its Director. In the program “Let speak” gathered relatives and friends of the Shalevich, to share memories about him.

      The death of Vyacheslav Shalevich has shocked his family and colleagues

      First, in the Studio appeared the widow of the actor Tatyana Vinogradova. She was with an artist for eighteen years. In 2001, the couple had the heiress Anna, was a real gift to the stars. Tatiana is very heavily experienced the death of a husband. When the woman talked about her husband, she could not hold back tears.

      “He is very kind to take the appearance of her daughter, worried. Was a caring father, especially in the early years. Anya hard. She was standing next to him. Came from school, he was always at home,” – said Vinogradov.
      Родные и близкие Вячеслава Шалевича почтили его память

      Tatiana frankly told about how she is experiencing the loss of her husband. “Life goes on, but she was different. I, because I had to care for it. Now a kind of void, mostly emotional,” shared the actor’s widow.

      The eldest son of the famous artist Ivan, who was born in the third marriage of V. A., called my father a model of a real man. “He was very kind, I never met such men as naive clean. And he had all the “strong” qualities in this father. He lived with my mom for many years,” he said. Favorite movie men with the participation of the parent is “captain’s daughter”.

      Родные и близкие Вячеслава Шалевича почтили его память

      Godmother of Ivan Shalevich, Marianne Vertinskaya spoke about how a friend was a famous actor. She describes him as a remarkable man. “I love people masculine. For me it’s not the biceps, and the status of men. He was, in all its manifestations,” said Vertinskaya. When life Shalevich appeared Vinogradova, she was genuinely happy for him.

      Родные и близкие Вячеслава Шалевича почтили его память

      Then the Director and journalist Valentina Pimanova, who filmed a documentary about the family of Shalevich, shared their memories. She spoke positively about their experiences with the famous actor and his family.

      “Before us sits a very unique woman. Three years ago I had the good fortune to get into their house and meet this family that I was shocked by the atmosphere of true love in all its manifestations, which are now just will not see anywhere else. Vyacheslav told me that I just didn’t realize how he would live without my wife,” shared Pimanova.
      Родные и близкие Вячеслава Шалевича почтили его память

      Then the Studio came Tatiana Klochkova, a cousin of Vyacheslav Shalevich. An elderly woman told about the childhood of the artist. In recognition Klochkova, she was surprised by the relative desire to become an actor. However, the family of V. A. decided not to argue.

      Klochkova has also told about how I got acquainted with the latest wife of a celebrity. “He was a man who could not live alone. When I found out about her age, then said, “You’re a dashing man,” she said.

      Родные и близкие Вячеслава Шалевича почтили его память

      About your favorite father also told his 15-year-old daughter Anna. She admired the parent, its immediacy, and the actor is worried whether he will survive to the age when the heir grows up. When the Studio showed a documentary film about Vyacheslav Anatolyevich, the girl began to smile, remembering the parent.

      “He taught me to always get what you want. To achieve the goals that you have set yourself. I am very proud of my dad,” shared Anna.
      Родные и близкие Вячеслава Шалевича почтили его память

      Talk about the famous actor continued his friend, the doctor Dmitry Sevostyanov. “V. A. God gave artistic and human talents. His integrity was with him all his life. Even when he was seriously ill, and we call back, he never said he was bad. Few people knew, but he was also caring , always said Hello and knew everyone by name and patronymic,” – shared the star man.

      Andrey Malakhov noted that Vyacheslav Shalevich was not only an amazing actor but also a great teacher. About my favorite teacher told Clara Novikov and Valery Garkalin.

      “We came to his course in adults, but thanks to him, we all turned into children. At our graduation performance, it was impossible to get. He was a terrific teacher and extremely sarcastic man, he was incredibly kind to us. He did everything for real. We were visited by students from other universities, and we said that he is the best, brilliant and stunning. If you’d seen how he watched us,” said Novikov.
      Родные и близкие Вячеслава Шалевича почтили его память

      Their memories are also shared by Valery Garkalin. According to him, Vyacheslav was an extraordinary teacher. “The atmosphere at was not taught, he forced us to learn. That was fine in his lessons,” said people’s artist of Russia. Garkalin also said that he taught with the legendary actor after graduation. “We have released the whole course. I owe him the fact that I became a Professor,” he said.

      The last film, which starred Shalevich, was the painting “the Buzzing of a bumblebee”. It was told about the young actress Daria Odinokiy, who played a major role in this tape.

      “Vyacheslav Anatolyevich played a lonely man who has no family, love and warmth. But life was completely different. The actors don’t say “latest”, say “extreme”. We were friends, was in the frame and behind the scenes, talked a lot… When I’m asked about the most difficult role in the movie, he said, “In the “Players”. I didn’t understand what was happening. Just came and told me: “Do so.” I was scared and uncomfortable, but I survived”, – said the girl.

      Родные и близкие Вячеслава Шалевича почтили его память

      Odinokiy admitted that he will never forget the moment when Shalevich blew her a kiss after the shooting. She is grateful to God for not just filmed together with the famous actor, but was friends with him. In the conclusion of his speech, Daria wished close Vyacheslav Anatolievich internal heat and light, no matter what.

      In the final programme broadcast showed an excerpt from an interview Shalevich, which he gave in 1992. In this piece, the artist expresses his wishes.

      “I would like a little more hope to each of us, good mood, humor and so often came to the theater,” said once Vyacheslav.