Became known the names of the mentors of “the Voice. Children”

Стали известны имена наставников «Голос. Дети» This week will start filming new episodes of the programme. Today, the Network appeared information about the celebrities that will be involved in the popular TV show. Fans Of “The Voice. Children are” looking forward to the release of the fourth season.

      Стали известны имена наставников «Голос. Дети»

      Soon it will start showing the new series of channel project “the Voice. Children.” The fourth season of the popular program promises to surprise viewers with many surprises. Fans of the show look forward to when it will once again be on the air. Recently, the Network published data on mentors to novice artists.

      “StarHit” contacted the representative of the First channel, to clarify the rumors that circulated in the Network. According to information obtained from the source, the instructors of the children will be Nyusha, Valery Meladze and Dima Bilan. The shooting of the project will start very soon. This will happen on Friday, February the third. Release of the new series “the Voice. Children” should be expected in the middle of the same month.

      Note that not so long ago Konstantin Ernst intrigued the public with information that one of the mentors had previously taken part in the filming. However, it is the name of the General Director of the First channel did not specify, what has generated a wave of discussions in social networks. However, the name of the star involved in the program, the audience was able to reveal very quickly. Most fans of the popular program agreed that it will be Dima Bilan.

      Neighbor of the famous artist, whose ward Daniel Pluzhnikov was the winner of the third season of the project will be Valery Meladze. It’s the first time you sit in a chair mentor. Just as charming Nyusha, who is preparing for her wedding with her lover, General Advisor to the President of the International University sports Federation Igor Sivov. However, this has not prevented the actress to agree to take part in the filming of the project.

      Nyusha openly talked about the groom

      It is also known that the host of the program will remain a charismatic showman Dmitry Nagiyev, whose sparkling humor repeatedly removed the tension among the participants of the TV show.

      Recall that “Voice. Children” is on the screens of the country since February 2014. At the moment, filmed three seasons of the popular program. The project includes three Tutors, each of whom chooses a team of fifteen artists. The transmission format is somewhat different from the adult “Voices”, which is one of the most popular TV shows in Russia.