Экс-«татушка» Юлия Волкова сменила веру
The popular singer returned from Islam to Christianity.

Julia Volkova

Photo: personal archive of the singer

The former soloist of group t.A.t.u. Julia Volkova
decided on an important step. In the life of 32-year-old singer has been major changes:
she returned to Orthodoxy, but some years professed Islam. Julia
took it once in 2007 she married businessman Parviz
Jasminowa. The wedding couple was on a Muslim ceremony in one of
mosques in Dubai. Alas, this marriage Volkova turned out to be rather weak. Giving birth to a son, Samir,
the couple lived together for only three years. But a few years “tattoo”
remained faithful to Islam.

“He is closer to me other religions — told
the actress in an interview. — I am interested in Islam for a long time, since 2003-2004. Ramadan
not met, for certain reasons. The mosque does not go like before not
attended Church. I believe in the God within. Ostentatious in religion is unnecessary.
Do not eat pork, alcohol is rarely used in the family circle, with friends
to afford a glass of wine.”

in the shower Julia Volkova has been overhauled, and she again became
Orthodox. Before the start of Lent, the singer posted on his
the microblog, which it captured during the service in the Church. “Forgive me for
all. Heart and soul I am with you — signed star photography, I came back
back to your faith, to your house. But again I say: God is one and the path to it
different, find your way and be happy.”