Эмма Стоун и ее бойфренд воссоединились
The actress is lucky and reward, and love.

Emma stone and Andrew Garfield


Emma stone, who on Sunday was awarded his
the first “Oscar”, is in seventh heaven. And not only is
she received the coveted statuette. Stone reunited with actor Andrew
Garfield, with whom she was engaged before and called him “the love of his
of life.” About it reported the Internet-the edition hollywoodlife.com.

Stone and Garfield met on the set
the film “New spider-man” and we dated for almost four years, and in October 2014 announced the engagement. It seemed that in their relationship, everything is fine, but a year
later, in October of 2015 they suddenly announced that they had decided to leave. At
the official version, to make such a decision they were forced intense shooting
graphics that do not allow them to spend a lot of time together…

But this year, Emma and Andrew,
for which last year proved to be extremely successful, began to constantly
“encounter” each other at various ceremonies. And if their first meeting
was pretty awkward, starting with the BAFTA(British “Oscar”), they behaved in a way that looking at
they, no doubt, their feelings erupted with the same force. They are constantly hugging and
kissed, and, not only at meeting and at parting. And on one
Paleostrovsky parties invited
guests witnessed as stone and Garfield was desperately flirting with
other. So, it seems that fate had sent them a second chance. And, hopefully, they
will be able to use it.