Лариса Гузеева показала невесту своего сына
The TV presenter is happy for their relatives.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Larisa Guzeeva many times said in an interview that
her son Gregory is not one year living with a girl named Anna. They have a very
warm a good relationship, you guys love each other and ready for marriage. And only
today in his Instagram TV presenter
posted a photo of future daughter-in-law. And the reason was: to publicly congratulate
the girl happy birthday, telling an audience of millions as she loves her. “Today is the birthday of our daughter! My
dear and beloved girls! Be happy and healthy — I have several! George and all of us
love you very much!” — wrote the actress.

By the way, Guzeeva likes to tell how each
Sunday assemble at home family to tasty to feed all. And
as Gregory and Anna live separately from their parents, this traditional lunch — another reason to meet.

Today is the Birthday of our daughter! My dear beloved girls! Be happy and healthy – I have several! George and we all love you very much!???????????????????

A post shared by Larisa Guzeeva (@_larisa_guzeeva_) on Feb 28, 2017 at 4:57 am PST

Not long ago, the TV host suddenly decided to
the sudden recognition. It turned out that Larissa was ready to birth more
the number of heirs. According to her, she was very sorry about what she
just two kids.

“I only regret that I had to give birth to a dozen…” —
told Guzeeva. It also decided to warn his fans, giving advice
how many children should be in the family. “My dear, do not repeat my
error: two is too little!” — she added. — How fast you’ve grown, my
girl favorite, — Larisa turned to her daughter Lele. — How much I missed…”
As it turned out, the host of the TV show regrets how much attention she paid
his successor in the past. However, now, apparently, she tries
to catch up.