Анна Семенович начала готовиться к дню рождения
The singer recalls the highlights of the past year.

Photo: Instagram

Anna Semenovich is preparing for the birthday
come tomorrow, the first day of spring. In this regard, the singer decided to bring
the results of the past year.

“Tomorrow, exactly at zero hours and zero minutes until the first day
spring and my New year, — says the star. — Every time I before my birthday
I am getting the results of the expiring year and thank him for all the opportunities that
the past year has opened up for me. Remember pleasant and unpleasant moments and realize that they all helped me in the development that everything happens in
good… And of course I, like everyone, make plans for the future. My New year will be
very rich, ideas I have a lot, and I’m sure that everything will work out! I
thank every person in my way and happy new
the events in his life, get pleasure from the fact as I change every day
and develop. Life is the most fascinating journey that you want
to live, eagerly learning the new”.

The singer promised to the subscribers of his microblog that today
all day long she will publish on the page of the pleasant moments of her
of the year. In the meantime, your philosophical post Anna provided the most vivid
photos of the events that occurred in the year of her 36 years. By the way, especially the birthday star got a makeover —
increase in the hair salon, to meet the spring fully armed.