Ex-” “star factory “participant” Alexander Gurkova suffered from strained relations with Victor Drobysh

Экс-«фабрикантка» Александра Гуркова страдала из-за натянутых отношений с Виктором Дробышем The singer was not clear why the father of her husband had terminated her contract. Initially, Victor Drobysh supported the Union of the son with his ward. After the lovers began to live together and expecting a child into the world, the producer refused to work with Alexandra Gurkova.

      Finalist of the sixth season of the popular project “star Factory” Alexander Gurkova after the show they signed a contract with the producer Victor Drobysh. The girl sang in the group Princessa Avenue. The artist worked in the team until, until I met the son of Victor Valery Yakovlevich. The young people fell in love with each other. Initially, the producer was pleased that his successor met the second half, but they were separated by distance – Valery lived in Finland, and Alexander worked in Russia. Despite the fact that initially Drobysh supported the relationship of young people, after a while he changed his mind.

      “Valerie moved in with me. I said I can’t live in Finland, I have a job, a contract. He understood and came to Moscow. We were planning to get married, find him a job. Later we learned that waiting for a baby. And then the phone rang like thunder from a clear sky. Father in law called and in a rigid form said that the partnership is over. I was hurt,” – said Alexander on the program “Male/female”.

      The singer admitted that she was difficult during this period. She didn’t understand why Victor Drobysh so dramatically changed her attitude. But the actress was pleased that her husband calmly took the news and assured her that they could do on their own.

      The former “star factory” participant Sasha Holiday: “there was a time when I was left alone, pregnant and without money”

      Valery also went to the Studio to talk about how difficult they had in that period. “It began hard times for us – remember spouse Gurkova. – We have blocked all roads in music, but I said that we will work at least three jobs, I was ready to make any arrangements. Now we are working on what I like, I get maximum pleasure.”

      The young family did not abandon his musical career. Alexander began recording songs under the name Sasha Holiday. The actress is very happy that her work has found its admirers. Now the couple were able to restore peace with his parents Valeria.

      “The relationship quiet, business. We do our job, he does his,” admitted the son of the producer.