Alena Apina after breaking up with her husband fled to the United States

Алена Апина после разрыва с мужем сбежала в США Singer shares photos from the tour. The artist arrived in America a few days ago and managed to see how the citizens reacted to the victory of Donald trump in the presidential election. Apina talks about his impressions of the event in a microblog.

      Several days ago Alena Apina flew to the United States where she began her international tour. After the divorce with her husband Alexander Iratov, with whom she lived for 25 years in marriage, the star decided to dive right in. The arrival of Epinoy in the United States coincided with the day of announcement of results of presidential elections. Leader in the number of votes was Republican Donald trump. The artist shares her impressions from the trip in his microblog.

      “The first day Tramp of America! I’m in the thick of things. That’s how it happens! Will report the most recent and spicy!”, – wrote Alena, laying the picture on the background of the flag of the United States.

      The singer on this day, the portrait of the billionaire graced all covers of printed publications. As noted by the pop star, the atmosphere in the States is very contradictory. “People here or dance, or run to the Mexican border! Variation and vacillation,” – shared Apina. Followers of the actress urged her to give Americans a real feast and to sing the most vivid hits.

      Judging by some of the staff, Alain removed for some magazine. Black jumpsuit with short shorts star posed on the background of the inscription “Hollywood.” The singer complains about subscribers that she has to work in 33-degree heat. Fans of Epinoy suggest her not to hurry back, and enjoy the Sunny weather.

      During his visit to the US ex-soloist of the legendary group “the Combination” had to communicate with journalists who questioned her about the work and future plans. Before leaving to the States Alena worked on the video for “Intimacy”, directed by Aslan Ahmadov.

      Recall that some time ago, Alena has decided to leave her husband, although just recently they celebrated the silver wedding. No detailed reviews did not give it, just hinted that it’s time to do it. According to acquaintances of the actress, she had the patience of a Saint, as with the producers to live very difficult. “I do not exclude that it could have something to seek, to find, to lose. Producers have for a career is the amount of temptations and so many women who want to have something… It may not be in the nature of infidelity, it may be in the nature of the process,” said friend Alena Natalia Shturm in one of the television. A friend of Alena’s Epinoy hinted at the true reason for her divorce