Ex-participant of “VIA gra” asks fans to pray for her daughter

Экс-участница «ВИА Гры» просит поклонников молиться за ее дочку The heiress Tatiana Nainik suffered serious injuries. The singer appealed to the subscribers. Her little daughter, Faith, that’s not even two years, before was in the hospital after a heavy fall.

Singer Tatiana Nainik, which is remembered by the listeners for his participation in the famous women’s group “VIA Gra”, posted a microblog full alarm message.

A young woman late in the evening on Friday published a post, telling about a mishap that happened with her and her young daughter Faith. Tatiana Nainik asked the fans help and support in a difficult situation for her. Singer did not go into the details of what happened, saying only that her and the baby on the ambulance was taken to hospital after a heavy fall.

“Dear friends, pray for us. Daughter and mommy fell heavily, we’re at the hospital mom somehow sent home. At this age we do not want to be treated. With medicine just the horror of it… Even with children. Not have these details,” – said Tatiana Nainik in the microblog.

“Well. And mom was sent home rather because it’s a children’s hospital. All will be well”, “Bless you Vera and God. Get well! Everything will be fine! Pray”, “God Bless you!” – responded to members Tatiana Nainik its alarm message.

We will remind, eks-the soloist of group “VIA Gra” Tatiana Nainik first became a mother in August 2015. A young woman and her husband Alexander, son of the famous Soviet actress Margarita Terekhova, was happy about the birth of her daughter Faith. Ex-participant of “VIA gra” Tatiana Nainik first showed daughter

Pregnancy Tatiana was very complex and proceeded against serious disease, which the singer showed up nearly ten years ago. Due to the state of health of the singer was forced to leave the stage. Ninik sold all that he had to overcome serious illness. Before pregnancy and during it, the singer roamed the hospitals, in search of salvation from physicians. The actress suffered a severe anxiety-depressive disorder that causes seizures, panic attacks, fear, vasospasm, and headache. The attack could start from any experiences, and did not end without the intervention of specialists.

Now the posts in the microblog Tatiana Nainik full of happiness and positivity. The actress is enjoying motherhood and prefers not to complain about their health, and asking subscribers about the health of the leaves.