Numerologist: “Maxim Pokrovsky harassing wife claims”

Нумеролог: «Максим Покровский изводит жену претензиями» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future soloist of the group “Nogu Svelo!”. According to the expert, a musician, a very difficult man in life, and his family have to endure a lot. However, he is very lucky, talented and hardworking, which can not affect the welfare of the family.
Нумеролог: «Максим Покровский изводит жену претензиями»

The author of the legendary hit “Haru mamburu” today marks 49. The public Pokrovsky remembered not only as a brilliant singer of the 90s, but also as a constant participant of various TV shows ranging from “survivor” to “guess a melody”. Today, the artist continues to work – recently released his music video, “playing with fire”. Free from the creative works of the time the celeb spends with his wife Tatiana and children – Ilya and Taisiya. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied birth date Pokrovsky and made a prediction on his future.

“Life code Maksima – 3811369 says that he was born in “Day of agility,” says Clara. He is a carrier of one of the high-thousandths of signs, sign of fame, which was endowed with Tsiolkovsky and Pushkin. The artist belongs to the category “nosredna” people who have life two ways – either to achieve very much, or not get anything. Maxim knows what he wants and knows how to achieve your goals. He is inclined too far ahead to plan your life, always striving for career growth and long deliberates before making decisions regarding his future.

The singer was lucky – he’s very talented and lucky, with such data it is a sin not to achieve fame and money. Besides, he pronounced analytical skills, which suggests that intercession not only can earn money but also to consider them, to correctly allocate the budget. In his three six – this means that he is a hard worker and never mind the sweat for their own purposes.But for all his talent and charisma, behind the scenes Maxim a complicated man. May God grant patience to his wife because she constantly have to listen, listen to the claims of the husband and his nitpicking on every occasion. One well – Pokrovskiy realizes that it is not a gift, wife ruining the mood, then hurry to apologize for my behavior.

After 49 years in the life of Maxim will start a good streak and 53 it is waiting for another wave of success. So all fans are advised to wait for idol’s new songs in the coming years, it will make you happy”.